Sata’s Son Gets K6 Billion House from Chinese Contractor

Mulenga_SataA Chinese road contractor known as Shu has allegedly bought a house in Kabulonga for President Michael Sata’s son Mulenga under suspicious circumstances.

According to intelligence information, Shu has bought Mulenga a house at number 4048 on Nyimba Road in Sunningdale, Kabulonga – a plush Lusaka suburb near State House – at the cost of K6 billion.

The house was bought from Guy Phiri, a Lusaka resident who is an employee of Engen Oil Company.

After buying the house, Mulenga who is Lusaka deputy mayor ordered that it should be razed and reconstructed to a level befitting a house for him as a the son of the President of Zambia.

Mulenga is now in the process of completing the new mansion which is being built by an Egyptian contractor who is paid by Shu.

Shu had penetrated State House after he used Mulenga to arrange a meeting with President Sata where they discussed various contractual deals that were expected to keep his construction company in business while the first family would receive commission for their efforts.

The sources said Shu is the same man that gave Mulenga two vehicles that were subjected to an investigation by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) but the allegations were conspicuously dropped.

The development has created friction within the ranks of Chinese contractors especially after the PF government through Mulenga awarded Shu with the project of constructing the Chalimbaba University whose foundation stone was recently laid by President Sata.

The sources have disclosed that Mulenga has been at the centre of huge sums of money that is streaming from Chinese businessmen such as Shu & Co.

When the PF was voted into office, they promised to provide more money in the pockets of people especially the poor Zambians that enthusiastically voted for them in the 2011 general elections.

However, over the past two years, the PF government seem to have withdrawn even the little income that were in people’s hands by withdrawing the fuel and maize subsidy thereby increasing the cost of living for the majority poor.

This follows the PF decision to increase the salary of President Sata thrice in the under two years in office while the members of parliament have had their salary increased twice.

The government style of the PF has caused discontent in the nation that despite ministers attempt to explain the rationale behind the removal of fuel subsidy, the favourable ratings have plummeted to their lowest since the PF government assumed office.

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