PF Says One Party State to be in Effect by 2016

PFThe ruling PF in Lusaka Province has vowed to wipe out the opposition by 2016.

PF Lusaka Province Chairman Goodson Banda told a media briefing in Lusaka that the results of the Feira parliamentary bye election have shown that the opposition is becoming irrelevant by the day.

“By 2016, the opposition will be no more. Zambians have demonstrated that they don’t need opposition parties anymore, what Zambians want now is development,” Mr. Banda said.

Mr. Banda said the opposition will be no more by the time that goes to another general election in 2016.
“From the 12 seats in Lusaka, we now control 10, our friends in opposition only control 2, even in school, if a student gets 2% out of a possible 12%, that student could be said to be dull. So the opposition in Zambia is dull and Zambians have rejected them.”

He said the PF’s victory in Feira and other ward by elections is not surprising.

“We knew that we will trounce the opposition. Our language is development and their language is insults and Zambians are seeing what is going on.”

Mr Banda said the PF is now even more geared to go and beat the opposition in Kafulafuta, Solwezi East, Chipata Central, Sinazongwe, Mkushi and any other upcoming bye elections.

“People like HH (UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema) should be taught a lesson that arrogance in politics does not pay.

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