Egyptian Ambassador to Zambia Supports Morsy Exit

egypt-flagEgyptian Ambassador El Sadek to Zambia has endorsed removal of Muhammad Morsi by the military.

Sadek says the removal of President Morsi from office demonstrate the fact that people can not be taken for granted by politicians.

He is happy that President Morsi has been removed saying the government had misjudged peopleís good will and that their cause seemed to have been thwarted.

Sadek says the government did not manage people’s affairs according to what was agreed when former president Mubarak was ousted out of office.

“We want a president to run Egypt the way it is supposed to be run. Many in the western world may say its coup de tat but not so. The armed forces took the side of the people. T he people are main source of legitimacy for any government,” he says.


  1. pompwe

    indeed..don’t take people for granted..

  2. FuManchu

    People power indeed but this ambassador has traits of a muselela kwakaba!

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