Leaked Document Claims President Sata Met with Assassins

sata-gbm-zaf-zambia-reportsPresident of Zambia Michael Sata is alleged to have held a meeting with a group of Lebanese assassins for hire for unknown reasons.

The revelations were made in an article published in the U.K. newspaper The Guardian, which obtained a purported leaked letter dated 2 July 2013, which claims that Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe had attempted to hire the assassins to murder South African President Jacob Zuma and his advisor, Lindiwe Zulu, who had been assigned to Zimbabwe to attempt to lobby for a delay in the elections.

A spokesperson of Mugabe’s ruling ZANU-PF party has dismissed the leaked document as false, commenting “it’s all rubbish and hogwash to think a head of state like president Mugabe would set up something like that. We have a disagreement with Lindiwe Zulu but it would not go to that extent.”

According to an excerpt of the document published by the Guardian, “Mugabe promised the six Lebonese [sic] an undisclosed fortune in cash if they succeed in getting rid of the two who [sic] South Africa senior officials who are giving him a lot of trouble. Names of the six could not be established, but they entered into the country via Zambia in the last few days, where they had previously held a close meeting with [president] Michael Sata before travelling into Zimbabwe.

Although the Guardian correspondent was able to view the document, it could not be verified if it had come from an authentic, verified source, and the possibility of the leak being a hoax could not be ruled out.


  1. Thomas

    This is a shocking development, but sadly not very surprising.

    Michael Sata is a brutal unreformed thug, and everyone knows it. Under Chiluba he organized so many violent attacks, and anybody who was at the church in Matero knows just how bloody he is willing to get.

    My guess would be that Sata is thinking of hiring these assassins to hit Fr Bwalya.

    What a terrible, godless man President Sata is.

  2. iyee...

    Authentic,or hoax.These allegations put us in very bad taste with our brothers in South Africa.Zambia should not allow herself to be conected to such barbaric acts!

  3. Mphangwe

    Tanking into account the violent nature of both Mugabe and Sata, this alleged “leaked “Document” cannot be ruled out.
    In Zimbabwe, Mugabe is well documented for trying exterminate Nkomo’s Ndebele-speaking supporters in Matebeleland. In Zambia Sata is well known to have planned and executed the deaths of politicians and lawyers under the Chiluba regime. KK knows the extreme content of the devilish genes possessed by Sata. Hence KK’s immense worship of Sata in his current position as Head of barbaric state for FEAR of unexplained death.

    Apparently, why should Sata be so willing to clandestinely support Lebanese assassins to kill a South African President. Has Sata forgotten that his life was saved by South African Medical Specialist. Is Sata also organising to eliminate Zambian politicians by requesting for the Lebanese murderous services. Kabimba, who has been connected to a snake that invaded State House must watch out because Sata has no friends to nurture. Why has God imposed such a ruthless reptile on the Zambian people?

  4. uncle p

    am disappointed with other comments from bloggers, they lack the knowledge of how extremely divesting this nonsense can be if given such support even from Zambians. this is total rubbish… politics is a date game, but the Zambian Head of State has no real enemies to involve Lebanese assassins. in fact Sata HAS NO POLITICAL RIVALS in this country, he is one of the few presidents enjoying autonomy due to UN-seriousness of the opposition in the country.
    to say the least, with such hate from other bloggers who can go to such levels of degrading, selling out, insinuating and insulting the head of state on the even if the peace of the country is at stake.. we yet to see how hungry and angry humanity can be just to get power,…

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