Leaked Document Claims President Sata Met with Assassins

sata-gbm-zaf-zambia-reportsPresident of Zambia Michael Sata is alleged to have held a meeting with a group of Lebanese assassins for hire for unknown reasons.

The revelations were made in an article published in the U.K. newspaper The Guardian, which obtained a purported leaked letter dated 2 July 2013, which claims that Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe had attempted to hire the assassins to murder South African President Jacob Zuma and his advisor, Lindiwe Zulu, who had been assigned to Zimbabwe to attempt to lobby for a delay in the elections.

A spokesperson of Mugabe’s ruling ZANU-PF party has dismissed the leaked document as false, commenting “it’s all rubbish and hogwash to think a head of state like president Mugabe would set up something like that. We have a disagreement with Lindiwe Zulu but it would not go to that extent.”

According to an excerpt of the document published by the Guardian, “Mugabe promised the six Lebonese [sic] an undisclosed fortune in cash if they succeed in getting rid of the two who [sic] South Africa senior officials who are giving him a lot of trouble. Names of the six could not be established, but they entered into the country via Zambia in the last few days, where they had previously held a close meeting with [president] Michael Sata before travelling into Zimbabwe.

Although the Guardian correspondent was able to view the document, it could not be verified if it had come from an authentic, verified source, and the possibility of the leak being a hoax could not be ruled out.

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