Police Arrest Journalist and Block Access to Website

MpondamaliThe Zambia Police on Tuesday night abducted a third freelance journalist Wilson Pondamali based in Kabwe on suspicion he was contributing articles to the online newspaper Zambian Watchdog.

Pondamali becomes the third journalist in seven days to face the dictatorial wrath of the Patriotic Front government under President Michael Sata which is determined to abuse and curtail any form of freedoms.

Zambians are currently inhibited from expressing their rights to assemble and their freedom to speech is under severe threat. Journalists Clayson Hamasaka and Thomas Zyambo were arrested last week on suspicion of contributing articles to the Zambian Watchdog. Their homes in Lusaka were raided around 02:00 hours and after 48 hours in custody, they were charged with sedition.

Online media publication are coming under severe attack from the China imported equipment used by the Xavier Chungu parallel intelligence system.

According to a statement on the Zambian Watchdog, Mpondamali was abducted on his way from Lusaka to Kabwe while his family home was raided around 05:00 hours in the morning.

Police were searching for documents to implicate Mpondamali.

“The Zambian government on Tuesday blocked the Zambian Watchdog on all the networks including MTN that had earlier rejected the suppression of the most popular news website in Zambia,” a statement reads.

“But our technical team has moved the site to another domain which is accessible in Zambia http://zwd.cums.in

“Readers within Zambian are advised to log on http://zwd.cums.in and also visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ZambianWatchdog.”

Further, the online media says the police did not even bother to inform Mpondamali’s family when he was nabbed and taken to unknown destination.

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