Sata Snaps at Bald-Headed Chief Jumbe

Bald HeadsPresident Michael Sata snapped at the sight of Chief Jumbe’s shaved head and said the traditional leader could not oversee his subjects as he was failing to keep hair.

President Sata who has now become notorious for his phobia at bald heads said Chief Jumbe was under State House surveillance and the Head Of State would de-gazzette him if he continued criticizing the government.

“Every 24 hours I know what happens everywhere you go, in your bedroom all the 24 hours of the day,” Sata warned traditional leader during the official openning of the House of Chiefs.

“Why did you criticize my introducing Paramount Chief Mpezeni? What did you want me to do I was introducing the chief to the people and you saw something wrong with that.”

He added, “Echo mwabeyela imishishi (that is why you cut your hair) you cannot even keep your hair, how do you keep people.”

On Saturday President Sata paraded Chief Mpezeni at a political rally to campaign for Patriotic Front candidate Lameck Mangani.

Mpezeni ordered his subjects to vote for Mangani and ignore other candidates.

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