Lawmaker Backs Gen Miyanda on Illegal Chief Justice

Vincent MwaleChipangali Member of Parliament Vincent Mwale says Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda was on firm ground when he told Justice Wynter Kabimba that there was no need to forward acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda’s name once it was rejected by the parliamentary select committee.

Adding his voice to the on-going debate on the continued stay in power of Chibesakunda, Mwale said in his seven year stay in parliament there had never been a name that had ever made it to the floor of parliament once it had been shot down by the select committee.

“I have participated in ratifications of many Judges, Commissioners as well as many other Constitution Office holders, in the process of these ratifications others have been rejected but never in my time as an MP has Parliament discussed names of these rejected,” he said.

“I therefore find it strange that Hon Kabimba is expecting a report of the Select Committee of a nominee who has been rejected to be submitted for debate in Parliament. Gen Miyanda was not wrong in his argument.”

Mwale added: “I am really surprised to learn that the PF Secretary General Hon. Wynter M Kabimba referred to Gen Miyanda as being ignorant of Parliamentary procedures because he suggested that the Chief Justice was rejected by Parliament, Hon Kabimba asserts that a Parliamentary Select Committee has to submit its report to Parliament and that Parliament has to decide whether or not to accept its report,”

“Well, I have been a member of Parliament for 7 years now and the entire time I have been an MP there has never been a time when Parliament has discussed nominees rejected by its Select Committee. Past Presidents as well as President Sata have always withdrawn the names of nominees rejected by Parliamentary Select Committees,” he noted.

Mwale further said: “I have practical examples to support this but I may not give them now as they remain confidential, I can however give them to you Hon Kabimba.”

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