Doubts Mounting over Sata’s Candidacy for Second Term

File photo: In 2008, Michael Sata was evacuated to South Africa for medical treatment.
A Patrotic Front (PF) ward committee member in Kanyama constituency Douglas Kanema has said President Michael Sata will be a difficult candidate to market to the electorate in 2016, particularly to religious voters.

Kanema said this is because Sata had become “an embarrassment to himself and the party after he abandoned God” coupled with “his failing to satisfy the electorate.”

Kanema said Sata told Zambians that he was going to rule the country based on the Bible’s 10 commandments, however many Zambians have yet to see Sata’s governance based on the biblical principals because what had occurred was far was nowhere near the Bible.

He said the 10 commandments in the Bible did not preach hatred for one’s critics, violence and greed.

“The problem we have is that as members we do not want to advise the president and his top leadership. The problem is at the top because the camps that have emerged have obstructed the president from performing. It is like he is tired and someone is controlling him like a puppet,” he said.

He said Sata showed so much zeal and excitement about attending church services and preaching good deeds at Saint Ignatius Parish in Lusaka where he had been congregating even before he became president, but his actions were contrary to his promises.

“This man has become an embarrassment because he has stopped going to church and the only time he appears at a church gathering is during funerals of all events. He traversed many churches both in Lusaka and outside to ask for votes. Let us also remember how the presidential motorcade and other government officials, some of whom never even went to church frequented Saint Ignatius to escort the president for prayers. Mr Sata has now stopped going to church and we are not sure whether he prays at State House and with who. It was characteristic of him to go to church every Sunday,” he said.

Kanema said in the recent past, Sata was only seen at the requiem services for the late Catholic Cardinal Medardo Mazombwe and late Mansa Member of Parliament Kennedy Sakeni.

He said there was nothing Godly about the happenings in the PF because the president had given so much lee-way to fighting, trickery and lawlessness among members.

“From this, coupled with his age, it is clear that the party will find it hard to sell Sata to the electorate because he is not doing things that are supposed to be done so that we can find it easy to convince the voters in the next elections,” he said.

Kanema said the PF needed image builders to clean the image of the party because so much damage had been caused by lack of performance, corruption, violence and the current endorsements for Sata to contest the 2016 general elections.

He said PF members at the grassroots were being used to fight the battles for the factions that had emerged in the party, but the President’s silence over the squabbles was detrimental.

He said people were seeing intense fights for power among PF members as the party draws closer to 2016 when people will be jostling for positions both in the ruling party and government.

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