PF Members Worry about Kabimba’s Scheming against Sata

Patrotic Front (PF) Matero constituency chairman Morgan Ng’onga has advised area Member of Parliament (MP) Miles Sampa not to entangle himself in Wynter Kabimba’s crooked schemes against President Sata.

And Ng’ onga has said PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba is not welcome in Matero constituency because he has refused to endorse Sata as the party’s presidential candidate for 2016.

In warning Sampa, Ng’ onga said the Matero MP was still a young and energetic leader who must not allow his mage to be tarnished by political schemers such as Wynter Kabimba.

He said Sampa must remain loyal to President Sata because the PF only had one leader for the next 10 years.

“All those plotting to take over the presidency of the PF must be ignored and the Matero MP must disassociate himself from such clandestine moves,” he said. “The PF had been infiltrated by schemers who want to take over from Sata in 2016, thinking the republican president was now too tired to rule the country.”

On Kabimba, Ng’ onga said the PF secretary general must consider Matero as a no go area for him and his supporters. He said Matero constituency was firmly behind Sata because he had shown exemplary leadership and the President was spearheading major developmental projects across Zambia.

“We want to warn Kabimba to stay away from our MP. Let our MP work for the people and not to be involved in mapping out bad plans for the party. It is amazing that Kabimba has kept quiet on all the allegations leveled against him. Keeping quiet when you are being accused in politics does not help. It means the allegations against you are true,” he said.

Ng’ onga said PF members against Sata’s candidature were against the ruling party and they were not welcome to Matero constituency.

On Wednesday, Ng’ onga led scores of PF supporters in joining two other constituencies in Lusaka to make the clarion call for Sata to be the party’s sole candidate for 2016. He was joned by the former Mayor of Lusaka, Robert Chikwelete who called for the expulsion from the PF of members against Sata’s 2016 candidature endorsement.

The ruling party members in Kanyama and Chawama announced said they supported Sata’s candidature for the 2016 general elections. The endorsements for Sata have been supported in some parts of the Copperbelt, Muchinga and Southern provinces.

The 2016 candidature for Sata was instigated by Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba who said some members of the ruling party were scheming a palace coup d’état against the president.

But political analysts and other observers have questioned the motive behind the endorsements because Sata was only two years in his five year term and that he was still eligible under the party constitution and republic laws that allow only two five years terms for a president.

Sata has remained quiet on the endorsements, thereby perpetrating more speculation to grow about the divisions and in-fighting that has characterized the ruling party.

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