Mwamba Picks Another Battle with UNZA Radio

Emmanuel MwambaInformation Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba has opened yet another war front by saying that University of Zambia Radio Station was operating like a political entity.

Mwamba said he will engage UNZA Radio management and advise them on how to conduct their business of news and programming.

He said that they were in the business of entertaining political discourse instead of training their students.

“UNZA radio now is like instead of becoming a teaching tool, they are operating like a political entity,” he said.

“I will engage the editors and managers at the station and see how things can be done differently.”

Since taking as Information Permanent Secretary Mwamba has been on a vigorous drive to spread his influence attracting the wrath of high ranking government officials like under fire Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba who accused him of wanting to destroy the public media.

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