Canisius Banda Challenges Kabimba on Corrupt Ministers

Dr Canicius BandaThe UPND vice president for politics Dr Canisius Banda has challenged beleaguered Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Wynter Kabimba to disclose the names of corrupt cabinet ministers.

Speaking during an interview in Lusaka, Dr Banda said Wynter Kabimba must not keep quiet but should tell the nation which ministers were corrupt.

He said there would be no other appropriate time than now for Kabimba to reveal who the corrupt ministers were.

“Kabimba must not hold the people of Zambia to ransom. He told us that there are some corrupt ministers in the PF, but he has continued to keep quiet. We don’t have short memories. We are still waiting for him to tell and let him tell us now. This goes to prove the statements we have been making that there is a lot of corruption in this government,” he said.

Dr Banda said Kabimba had assured the public that he knew of corrupt cabinet ministers and the public was still waiting for Kabimba to reveal the names.

Dr Banda was speaking after recent revelations by Kabimba that he would expose corrupt PF ministers if he was hounded out of the ruling party.

Featuring on a popular television programme ‘The assignment’ on privately owned MUVI Television recently, Kabimba told viewers that there were some corrupt ministers in the PF government, which was an indirect reference to Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba who he had been playing cat and mouse games.

During the telecast Kabimba said some corrupt ministers were out to get him out of the ruling party, but he would not go down easily because he would expose the perpetrators of graft in the government.

But Dr Banda said Kabimba was working against the law to stay mute when he had information about corruption.

“It is a legal requirement that someone who has information about corruption to report to the relevant investigative agency and the Anti Corruption Commission. Kabimba has not done that from the time he told us that he knew of corrupt ministers,” Dr Banda said.

He said President Sata must also discipline the corrupt ministers in order to restore the confidence that public had in the PF administration.

There has been shadow boxing between Kabimba and Mwamba. Early this year, there were corruption that were leveled against the ministers, but the process of investigation hit a snag after President Sata castigated the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) for probing his ministers without his consent.

The other reason why the corruption probe was stopped is that Kabimba put up some drama at the ACC offices when he besieged the corporate offices with a multitude of PF and demanded to be interrogated in their presence.

Kabimba’s threat to expose corruption in the PF has not gone well with Mandevu Member of Parliament Jean Kapata who has petitioned President Sata to smoke out the secretary general from the party.

Before the ACC action, Kabimba said Mwamba was pushing for a US$6 million tender to supply wooden poles at Zesco Limited, Zambia’s power utility firm. On the other hand, Mwamba accused Kabimba of soliciting for bribes in national oil contracts.

Of late, there have been clarion calls from all structures of the ruling party across the country to expel Kabimba from the PF for alleged indiscipline and plotting a palace coup d’état on President Sata.

When contacted, Kabimba refused to reveal the names of corrupt ministers saying he had important party matters to attend to.

He said those calling for his expulsion from the PF were mere junior members of the party who were sponsored to fight him.

He said the truth will soon emerge from the wrangles that have engulfed the ruling party in Zambia.

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