Nurses in Livingstone Protest Poor Conditions of Service

HH@UTHNurses and clinical officers in Livingstone on Wednesday morning marched to the District Health Office to demand improved conditions of service.

The nurses said the four percent salary increment was laughable and they demanded that they be given a better package.

When the District Officers failed to address them, they marched to the District Commissioner’s office but were blocked by police officers.

Later the District Commissioner addressed them promising to get back to them over the matter.

The nurses have vowed to go on strike if their interests were not addressed.

Recently, nurses across the country had staged a work boycott demanding better conditions of service and disputing the recent increase they got under the collective bargaining deal.


  1. Mpangula Mputyu

    Lelo, U voted for Ukwa, U Get Ukwa Nuts.

  2. Namakau

    Unions leaders should be meeting almost all their members to enlighten them on want GRZ is doing. I have noticed that most nurses are not aware that GRZ is trying normalise salaries such that all certificate holders, diploma holders or degree holders in all professions or trades should have the same basic salary at that level. Its only allowances included depending the work environment that will make the difference.
    An enrolled nurse with a two year certificate was better paid than a teacher, agricultural office or an accountant with a three year diploma. Some medical diploma holders were paid more than degree holders in other professions. This is what the GRZ is try to rectify,

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