Sata Goes Ballistic, Fires Emmanuel Mwamba

Sata orders killing of Barotse activists 1A foul tempered President Michael Sata today bared all his nightmares in a single day of moment of madness among them the Hakainde Hichilema fear factor and bald head complex as he dressed down high ranking government officials.

Vice President Guy Scott found himself on the end of a vitriolic attack for allowing his deputy minister to announce the cancellation of 10% duty on the export of copper concentrates.

The best lash was served for now dethroned Information Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba who the President humiliated publicly for announcing the granting of Radio Phoenix’s national licence which has since been withdrawn by President Sata.

“And you Mr. Scott, how do you send your deputy to go and praise the people importing second hand motor vehicles in this time and era,” Sata said as Scott sheepishly looked on.

However Mwamba was put on the spot, “You Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba, do you think all the Permanent Secretaries before you were stupid not to issue the licence to Radio Phoenix? You want HH to be using the same radio station while sitting… Are you the only clever permanent secretary? Was the previous government foolish?” said Sata as Mwamba attempted to mount a meek defence.

“Do you know why they were pending? Are you aware that Radio Phoenix has been bought by outsiders and that can endanger national integrity? Do you know why previous government had only allowed ZNBC to be the only national broadcaster?”

Sata then dramatically chased Zambia Revenue Authority Commissioner General Berlin Msiska and a Dingani Banda to go and reverse the statutory instrument that sought to remove duty on the export of Copper concentrates.

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