Sata Withdraws Radio Phoenix Nationwide Licence

radio-zambia-reportsPresident Michael Sata has reneged on its announcement to grant Radio Phoenix a nationwide broadcast licence saying it was too accessible to the opposition.

President Sata has directed his Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba to revoke all the licences granted to non Christian radio stations.

President also Sata castigated Vice President, Dr. Guy Scott for issuing a statement through his Deputy Minister in South Africa glorifying the purchase of second hand vehicles.

He also blamed ZRA officials for misleading Minister of Finance over the issuance of a statutory instrument that lifted 10% export duty and allowed export of copper concentrates.

“You cannot export soil” “. “We need to create jobs”. And President Sata directed Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Mwamba to revoke nationwide licenses issued especially to non- Christian missionary stations.

He singled out Radio Phoenix which he said is keenly used by the opposition and especially that it has sold some of its shareholding to a foreign entity.

In his speech, he urged young people not to erode the gains and sacrifices made by miners (in relation to the mine issue) and freedom fighters.

And speaking to the press after the per cabinet meeting, Mr. Mwamba said that the IBA will convene an urgent Licencing Committee Meeting to urgently resolve the concerns raised by the President.

He said the issuance of nationwide licence that might be affected will be Radio Phoenix and QFM.

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