Opinion: Sata’s Lack of Concern over Bloodshed is Alarming

sata-priestFor months now cool heads have been urging the Republican President Michael Sata to halt the confusion in his ruling Patriotic Front party. But the President not known to lose a moment to say things even when keeping quiet is the wiser option has stayed mute.

Cadres have had a field day with media gladly swallowing their vomit depending on the side of the divide you are. For some time if you were in the Geoffrey Mwamba camp you had the state media at your mercy quoting as lowly placed offices as assistant ward spokespersons (not that it is wrong to quote ordinary citizens because this was no ordinary battle) or if for a moment you belonged to the Wynter Kabimba camp you had the MIGHTY Post Newspapers at your disposal with your comments backed by a full page editorial.

So it went on and out went Emmanuel Mwamba who had done his call for his preferred camp and with his exit the balance was reversed. At this stage cadres were just having a dress rehearsal of violence some kind of drill for the inevitable.

The coffin has been an ever present spectacle in this entire circus a very ominous sign for those with eyes to see. But the President refused to act. Even when a rare show of transparency that the press was called in to film part of the cabinet meeting what the President emitted was further confusion.

Instead of using the moment to clear the mess all he rumbled on about was to tell everyone not to use his name in the endorsement campaign. Period! It was business as usual.

When the cadres marched to State House-without a permit of course- demanding that their once upon a time loved Secretary General be removed the President gave his solution- endorsed Robert Chikwelete as District Chairman effectively overthrowing a legitimately elected Goodson Banda although some may argue that Banda also stole the position from a certain Chama who was also stripped of his position at a political gathering. Confusion all the way except no one cared to nip it in the bud.

Once the confusion deepened President Sata disowned Chikwelete whom he had eulogized at a public rally in Chawama Constituency when he was commissioning road works. With that Chikwelete went on his knees and begged for forgiveness from Kabimba.

Just when everyone thought the circus was coming to a close there was a daily Kabimba ‘funeral’ at the Lusaka District office where Chikwelete once dazzled the alcohol powered youth with his anti Kabimba sentiments. How ironic that the violence erupted on the day HIS Excellency who had done his best to duck the situation was commissioning a US$360 million Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Project.

He had spent the past months running away from himself and now the cadres laid it on his table-BLOOD! Yes we have heard a few things about SACRIFICE (we are not sure how true it is but people out there continue to lay it on the table). Is President Sata really in the business of drinking blood? Is our Head of State enjoying this spillage of precious blood in his own house? Is President Sata a vampire that when he does not smell blood, he had no peace of mind?

Now Mr President if spillage of blood won’t move you, what will? Maybe you are not bothered after all you are a graduate of that school! What about your ghosts from the Chawama third term violence? Or maybe it is not a coincidence that Mufumbwe has got a bit of PF written all over it or most recently the Livingstone killing?

Surely no one should be sacrificed for political goals. The perpetrators and their financiers on both camps are known, why not act? Does this confirm we have a vampire for a president. Does this confirm that from the abnormal accidents, now he is moving onto to his own people with pangas?

There could be worse to come. Zambians must brace for tough time because vampires drink blood in huge consumptions. We hope President Sata is not one for many will be victims of these sacrifices if truly what is obtaining is anything to go by.

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