Opinion: Is There Honour in Sata’s Vice Presidency?

guy-scott-zambiaLooking at the way President Michael Sata easily takes to embarrassing his Vice President Guy Scott, it could be either there is no honour in Scott or the office of Vice President. For how else does the President find it so easy to humiliate his NUMBER TWO at least on paper?

Scott has been on the receiving end of verbal abuse from President Sata almost any time the two have appeared together in public. So low is the abuse that it takes place in front of cameras and Scott’s subordinates. Take for instance the taunt he got on October 28 when President Sata before cameras and some government officials launched a scathing tirade on the poor man.

“You sent your deputy minister to glorify second-hand vehicles. This was your speech which your deputy minister read. Why should we glorify second-hand vehicles, and you say we have a Vice-President?” said President Sata as the press and the nation took it all in.

But His Excellency was not done with his long term disciple: “This is a kind of Vice-President I have.”

Surely if Scott cannot feel a little hard done for low level government officials that were present, then his family and the whole nation that watched as he took in all the scorn from his boss should be feeling the pinch.

Can’t President Sata just call Scott to his office to straighten the line or call him over for dinner or a round of golf (never mind sport hardly registers on his radar)? Is Scott so bad that he cannot be quietly advised without incident?

“If you are not feeling well, does that mean even the policy was also not feeling well? Why did you send a deputy minister to glorify used vehicles?”

And once again last Sunday Scott was on the receiving end at Embassy Park for the drying grass at late Presidents Frederick Chiluba and Levy Mwanawasa.

“You are the head of government and to make matters worse you knew I am coming. Imagine if KK was coming there was no stone left unturned,” President Sata as Scott nervously walked besides him with his subordinates taking it all in.

Someone once off handedly remarked: “Why does Guy Scott not resign to save himself some dignity?” It could have been funny if weren’t tragic but then even Emmanuel Mwamba could have resigned after that showdown with the President at State House.

“Nobody does care resign to preserve honour on these ends, after all Scott has repeatedly reminded all over us-“I am just a chola boy (errand boy).” Maybe someone should drop the HONOUR from that office and save the country some dignity!

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