Kumar Deportation not the Answer – Hikaumba

HikaumbaThe Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has advised government and mining firms to engage in dialogue rather than confrontation in solving the imminent job losses in the industry.

ZCTU president Leonard Hikaumba said resorting to deportation only served to deepen conflict and leaves the employees as the biggest casualty.

“Our appeal to government and investors is that they should employ dialogue rather than confrontation solving the challenges in the mining sector. We feel deporting officials is not the best solution but just serves to deepen the problems,” Hikaumba said.

“In a way the biggest losers are the same employees that you are seeking to protect because they are exposed. There is always the possibility that the investors may leave the mine in a state of chaos if their departure is not handled amicably.”

He added: “It is our prayer that lessons have been learnt and a solution will be found for both sides to continue working in a harmonious atmosphere.”

President Michael Sata recently issued a deportation order for Konkola Copper Mines Chief Executive Kishor Kumar after the mining firm announced it would lay off 1529 employees.

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