Mulongoti Challenges ACC on Scott, Kabimba Statements

Mike MulongotiPeople’s Party President Mike Mulongoti has challenged the Anti Corruption Commission on why it has failed to prosecute the alleged corrupt practices against cabinet ministers despite Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and Vice President Guy Scott having given them the lead.

Mulongoti said the ACC should explain how they arrived at a decision to withdraw pursuing the case claiming there was insufficient evidence when high ranking officials had publicly alerted them.

“It is shocking that the ACC now claim they have withdrawn from taking up the case against corrupt cabinet ministers on a claim that there is insufficient evidence. If there is insufficient evidence let them ask Kabimba or his honour the Vice
President because these are officials who made public pronouncements about some cabinet ministers being corrupt,” Mulongoti said.

“Let me tell you; have they asked these people or they are afraid that Wynter will treat them with contempt like he did the last time he went to their offices. They need to show some teeth or just confirm that they are very toothless when it comes to prosecuting corruption.”

Kabimba recently made a public pronouncement that he was aware of cabinet ministers who were corrupt in the ruling Patriotic Front government, a claim that was backed up by Scott a few days later.

However, the ACC has been dragging its feet to follow up the claim and on Thursday announced that they were unable to pursue the matter further due to insufficient evidence.

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