Opinion: The Flamboyant Dr Christine Kaseba-Sata

Dr KasebaIn a country where all praise for the government or the rulers is so adored by the powers that be and their disciples and where criticism is routinely dismissed as a sign of bitterness, there is always trouble finding the balance.

The curious case of First Lady Christine Kaseba comes to mind. Her ladyship has been in the limelight for the better part of the time His Excellency President Michael Sata has been in power.

Nothing wrong with that given that she is the First Lady, a pillar upon which the Presidency rests. Nothing wrong too that she should be by His Excellency’s side when he makes public appearances.

But then she is not the President. Hers is a ceremonial title but she seems to be overplaying her importance in the political circle. She seems to be falling in love with her image. Nothing wrong with that but for a country that has seen many before in her position fall into the trap of overplaying their position we take the humble position to remind her to take it slow.

She has the example of Vera Chiluba’s Hope Foundation to learn from which went with the end of her ladyship’s marriage to the demised president. Or the more recently, the once upon a time over flamboyant Maureen Mwanawasa Community Initiative.

Kaseba has seemingly reduced health minister Joseph Kasonde to a spectator. She has literally taken over that portfolio and at the drop of a hat scoots to the nearest conference across the globe.

She has been to not less than 30 conferences in the two years of the PF being in power. She has never lost a moment to hop from country to country seeking global recognition.

So where was the passion for CERVICAL CANCER or concern for the poor before she became First Lady? Has she suddenly become the Godmother of all health problems? Just look at how hard they pushed to have the First Lady get K1.5 billion (old currency) for her vague responsibilities.

At the rate she is going, most of those funds may have no trace of use and also combine the resources she is raking using the banner of the Ubutala bwa buumi whatever that is.

Now whenever she steps outside State House we have to brace ourselves for a 20 minute allocation of her travels on National Television. When she feels like wagging her prostrate cancer magic wand then the whole country for that week will be immersed in cancer buzz and when she next feels like talking homophobia then we all just fall in step.

There is no order in all this confusion. For those that know better the passion for cervical cancer ends the day President Sata leaves office as did Hope Foundation and MMCI.

Credit to Thandiwe Banda as she was the only one smart enough to dodge that trap. By the way do not be surprised to hear a cadre or two soon enough saying Kaseba should be considered for Presidency on account of her Cervical cancer campaign and ceaseless TV apperances.

After all it won’t be anything new but just a new face. Maybe that medical knowledge should be directed to YOU KNOW WHO!

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