The Post is A PF Leaflet, says Laura Miti

Laura MitiPolitical commentator Laura Miti says The Post Newspaper is now a Patriotic Front (PF) leaflet that should also shoulder the blame for a polarized media in the country.

In a series of messages posted on social media, Miti – a respected former Post Newspaper columnist and educationist – did not spare online media, particularly the popular and critical Zambian Watchdog.

This is the wake of a war waged by commerce deputy minister Miles Sampa against the Zambian Watchdog in which the two parties have traded online blows recently.

Sampa accused the Zambian Watchdog of peddling lies about his recent visit to Kasama where he went to calm nerves following Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s resignation and issued threats to smoke the publication’s owners and writers out from wherever they are to commence a legal suit for defamation.

The Zambian Watchdog hit back deriding Sampa as an immoral leader whose standing does not warrant him public office as legislator for Matero and let alone a government official.

This fuelled further jibes with Sampa offering a bounty of US $2000 (K10, 000) for anyone leading to the whereabouts of the Zambian Watchdog and its writers.

In return, the Zambian Watchdog has offered a reward of an IPAD or a Kindle for people with verified information about Sampa’s scandalous lifestyle.

The online publication has further published two pictures of female Zambians it alleges are among those Sampa, President Michael Sata’s nephew, has had or is having a string of extra marital affairs with.

Commenting on the fued, Miti said; “Zambian Watchdog is an amazingly unprofessional publication, brutal in its defamation & destruction of individuals. I blame the PF govt.

“Until PF came to power ZWD was mostly regarded as a fringe rag one went to for entertainment. Now citizens depend on it for news.

“The PF govt which came to power on the back of highly unbalanced propaganda by the Post has moved to close down any free voice.”

Miti said the Zambian people were now treated to cowardly “foolishness” from the government media while The Post carried on its PF leaflet agenda that killed minds.

“Under PF, citizens are treated to cowardly drivel from govt media. As for the Post it is a PF leaflet that kills the mind. That a party that was reported in the way the Post did, PF would clamp down on media elicits a who do you think you are reaction in citizens.

“In short PF, if you want to reign in the ZWD, allow citizens a credible alternative for intelligent news. Free the media.

“For now one of Zambians fav [favourite] pastime, other than laughing at PF amateur govt booboos, is sharing ways to open ZWD in spite of Govt closure,” she added.

Miti advised the PF government to concentrate on running the country rather than preventing media from reporting its “nonsense”.

“ [I] feel sorry for people savaged by the ZWD, really sorry, just like I felt bad for people mauled by the Post to bring Sata to power.

“[The] Post and ZWD behavior kills a nations psyche. It is wrong to sacrifice all ethics, brutalise private individuals for political ends.

“My heart goes out to the women who will be named in ZWD battle with Miles, so sorry Cynthia [Kanema]. Its a mad era we are living in. PF to blame!” Miti has also written political commentaries published by the Zambian Watchdog.

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