Miles Sampa Aborts Fierce Watchdog War

Miles SampaCommerce deputy minister Miles Sampa has aborted a self inflicted and damaging internet war with the critical online publication, Zambian Watchdog, 72 hours after it started with a call to withdraw his threats for a legal suit against the publication.

The ceasefire, however, comes rather too late after Sampa – the Matero legislator – had his character and morality torn apart leaving his image as a public leader in severe tatters.

It all started with Sampa accusing the Zambian Watchdog, whose access inside Zambia is blocked by President Michael Sata and his agents but it’s content can still be accessed via Facebook, of publishing falsehoods and lies following his damage control visit to Kasama in the wake of former defence minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s resignation.

The Zambian Watchdog had published an article suggesting Sampa, who is President Sata’s nephew and Jean Kapata, had carried stashes of cash to Kasama to bribe party officials into calling for the expulsion of GBM from the ruling PF.

Sampa denied carrying cash to Kasama accusing the Zambian Watchdog of publishing lies warning that he would smoke them out of their hiding place and sue for defamation. He further offered a cool US $2000 (about K10, 000) for anyone with information leading to the whereabouts of Zambian Watchdog writers and editors.

His threats were anchored on some legal battle he won against a gossip website,, in the United States of America boasting of how powerful he was and what he can do to those that were allegedly in hiding but using online publications to allegedly attacking individuals.

What followed was a flurry of exposes by the Zambian Watchdog who published pictures and names of women it alleged Sampa was having illicit affairs with. The Zambian Watchdog, who also offered an IPAD or Kindle, for anyone with Sampa’s well documented extra marital affairs also published a picture of a child Sampa has allegedly sired out of wed-locked.

The publication named more that 10 women believed to be Sampa’s girlfriends and three children before it called off its series of damaging information of the legislator’s character.


In response and out of respect for my numerous supporters and advice received from individuals on Facebook, email, texts, phone and other forms of communication; I have decided to abandon my earlier stance to pursue anyone for the defamatory posts over the past few days.

This should not be misconstrued as a sign of weakness but a choice to respect the people who put me in the position I am in today; their Member of Parliament. In this very moment I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to those who have been hurt and disappointed in the process. Other individuals have been attacked in the past, today it is me, tomorrow it will be someone else.

My attempt to reprimand the cyber attacks was not just about me, but everyone else who was, is and can potentially be hurt by such acts in future if not addressed. However, I realize I am not and will not be in control of what people do or write. With that said, I ask all those affected by this and other such acts to stay strong, keep our heads up, forge ahead and leave it to the public to judge.

On a more important and positive note; my allegiance is to Matero constituency. During my time off, I have taken time to read all your posts regarding development issues in our constituency.

I am in receipt of your questions and concerns regarding Vubwi road, Lilanda and other areas and/or matters which have been brought to our attention. Let me again take this opportunity to thank you for all the feedback provided. My team is in the process of preparing ways to address the issues brought to our attention. We will be providing feedback in the near future.

In the meantime, we encourage you to continue to provide additional feedback. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated and noted as they come in.

2014 is another opportunity for us to work together as a community to better the lives of every individual in and outside of Matero constituency.

Again, I would like to thank all my supporters and well wishers; I am enthused about all the upcoming projects we have this year. The best is yet to come…..lets make it a phenomenal year!!

God bless you all.
MS 1.2.14.


Miles Sampa, deputy minister of Commerce, We know your wife left you today in disgust and that your various concubines are on your throat.

So we shall give you space to breathe. Just in case you think we do not have more; we were still going to talk about Annette Silito in the photo (aged 18 ), Bertha Tembo Sondoyi and your son Bwalya. Yes Bertha, the one whose engagement you tore apart.

And your teenage daughter in USA. But we have stopped for now. Blame yourself for whatever has happened. When we hinted that you are womaniser you should have realised that we knew what we were talking about. You have no right to threaten us. We are not Kachepa whom you managed to intimidate.

We are Zambian Watchdog.

But, even if we have stopped posting new ones, we shall not remove the ones already running. We leave them for you to use in court.

We shall consider removing them at our own time. But of you want to fight, we can continue..

Oops Sorry, we almost forgot to mention that we also know about Carmelita Jansen, based in South Africa. She comes to Zambia once every month to visit you. In fact you are the one paying for her education in Rands and we here she among your favourite.

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