PF to Unmask Online Owners – Kapeya

Mwansa KapeyaInformation Minister Mwansa Kapeya’s phobia with online media has continued to manifest itself at every turn with his latest comment saying they will consider unmasking owners of online publications.

Kapeya whose government is one of the keenest followers of online news despite posturing in public that they do not read online publications said online media was being used for unintended purposes.

He said that the PF government was concerned with some of the information that was being published about the government.

“We are concerned about some of the news that is being published by online publication most of it amounts to abuse of the social media. A lot of things are said about government officials and the President without given a chance to respond,” he said.

With government taking firm control of state owned publications like Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and ZNBC there has been limited outlets for credible news as the FORMERLY independent Post Newspaper has been heavily compromised by the ruling party that has granted the owner Fred M’membe business contracts.

The public has turned to online media for news that usually highlights flaws in the governance system.

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