M’membe Accuses GBM of Listing 21 Companies for Govt Supply

Fred-M’membeThe feud between Fred Mmembe and former Defence Minister, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has escalated with Mmembe capitalizing on the fall-out between President Michael Sata and his former Defence Minister.

In a fresh attack and in a desperate attempt to scandalize the former Defense Minister, The Post has listed 21 companies that allegedly belong to GBM and his family members as companies supplying the Zambia National Service.

Although business and tenders are given through controlling officers, The Post have insinuated like a Minister dishes out contracts at will.

Apparently the paper conducted a search of companies with Mwamba as its index and have listed the companies as all belonging to the former Minister.

In its desperate attempt, the paper has listed GBM’s known companies, Arizona, Multitrade, which belongs to his son Chilekwa and New Dawn belonging to Mrs. Mwamba as companies supplying to ZNS, yet those companies have little or no business relation with the military outfit.

Of the three companies, only Multitrade had a business relation with ZNS in 2009 during the tenure of Rupiah Banda.

GBM and his family are well known business people, who have been plying their trade since the 1980s.

Fred Mmembe and GBM have clashed in their business interests for the Food Reserve Agency’s, transport and haulage contracts and their companies both bid to supply ZESCO with poles.

Post Courier now ferries, maize, copper and other goods. GBM also owns a trucking company called, Arizona.

But The Post obtained an interview with GBM’s estranged young brother, George Muma Mwamba and his wife Sefuke, who have publicly differed with GBM as evidence of the companies supplying ZNS

In the edition, George Muma Mwamba and Sefuke have given extensive disparaging remarks against GBM.

They also listed a company belonging GBM’s daughter, Sibongile’s ex-husband, Mwalama General Dealers as proof that GBM’S companies were supplying ZNS.

CKM a company listed belongs to a bemba from Kasama, Stella Kanyanta.

But strangely, The Post listed Chilekwa Munkonge’s companies Dakwa General Dealers and Kwange Trading, who disowned GBM in the 2011 elections and stood against him in Kasama, as further proof that GBM was controlling ZNS.

Chilekwa Munkonge as an MMD strong member has always had supply contract to the Police, Prison and Defense from Mwanawasa’s time.

GBM has always challenged Mmembe’s alleged hatred against him and publicly warned him that he will buy The Post and give it to his children.

The Post have run numerous editorials against GBM calling him all sorts of names.

The fall-out between President Sata and GBM seems to have encouraged Mmembe to desperately attempt to drive a death nail in GBM’s political career.

It remains to be seen if these tactics will work against GBM.


(TEAM GBM is a social group that has emerged to support the principled stand taken by Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba to resign from his position as Defence Minister and chose to respect the choice that Bashi Lubemba have made in appointing Henry Kanyanta Sosala as Chitimukulu…Join Us)

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