Chieftainess Nkomeshya Linked to Chinese Mining

chieftaness-Nkomeshya-zambiaNew revelations have allegedly linked Senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II to an illegal multi-billion Kwacha mining deal involving a Chinese construction company China Jiangsu International Limited in her chiefdom.

The traditional leader is said to have ties to the deal through two companies, Busoli Development Company and Skyline Quarry Limited, which are registered under the names of Nkomeshya’s daughter Mainza Elizabeth Mkomeshya, her husband Lenard Kawanu in collusion with some Chinese and Zambia nationals.

The directors of Skyline are Xue Buhai, Yajun Dong and the shareholders are Xue Buhai, Shuke Doreen Mwamba.

In the other company Busoli Development Company, the directors are George Mwamba, Mukuka Munkonge, Lenard Kawanu and Maiza Elizabeth Nkomeshya, who also pose as shareholders for the firm. The directors for China Jiangshu International Limited are Zou Chang Shan, Zhang Da Quing, Yajun Dung, Ling Diang Shun, Hnglun Zhang and these are also shareholders for the company.

The three companies have been denied mining permits and environmental permissions from the Ministry of Mines and Zambia Environmental Management Authority to conduct mining activities in an area because the area was owned by other businessman.

According to investigations conducted, the government issued a mining license to Vikram Investments Limited on November 12, 2012 for large scale prospecting on license number 16703-HQ-LP.

However, before Vikram Investments Limited could proceed with mining activities, Nkomeshya’s daughter Elizabeth, her husband Kawanu, George Mwamba and the Chinese moved into the prospecting area and are currently conducting mining activities.

According to investigations, Vikram obtained a court injunction to stop the illegal mining activities, but Nkomeshya’s Busoli Development has defied the court order by proceeding with mining works in which the firm is producing over 11, 000 tons of aggregates per day.

According to villagers in the surrounding areas, Nkomeshya had remained adamant that they “would not allow Vikram to operate in her chiefdom” because that was “her land and she had the audacity to do what she wanted with her land.”

China Jiangsu International, Busoli Development Company, Skyline Quarry Limited, Economic Technical Co (Z) Limited and George Mwamba have disregarded a High Court injunction and have grabbed a mining area dully given to Vikram Investment Limited and have started mining activities and quarrying.

Investigations have exposed that Nkomeshya’scompanies had encroached Vikram Investment Limited prospecting area 16703-HQ-LPL which was formerly given to the company by the Ministry of Energy and Water Development.

Vikram Investments Limited was awarded a large scale prospecting licence number 16703-HQ-LPL in Shantumbu area in Chongwe but before the company could commence its mining activities, China Jiangsu International Limited ruthlessly moved on the site and started quarrying.

During the week, some Chinese nationals found at the mining site harassed journalists who visited the place to stop them from recording footage of the illegal mining.

On Wednesday, a Muvi Television crew was almost fired at by the Chinese workers who claimed that they had been granted surface rights title by a local chief in Chongwe.

Despite the Ministry of Mines Energy and Mineral Development ordering Jiangsu International Limited and Skyline Quarry Limited, Economic Technical Company and Busoli Development Company to stop the mining activities and quarrying, the companies had continued their illegal mining activities, ignoring the court Injunction that was granted to Vikram against the companies.

Vikram Investment Limited had gone to court seeking a court injunction to restrain Jiangsu and Skyline Quarry Limited from conducting mining activities its large scale prospecting area but even after the injunction was granted, the Chinese company along with some Nkomeshya’s local companies have continued quarrying.

Vikram had applied for the large scale prospecting licence and the ministry of mines dully gave the company the licence and the Zambia Environmental and Management Agency had approved the environmental project brief and granted Vkiram to commence its mining activities.

One of the letters from the Mines Safety Department addressed to Vikram Investment Limited, the government felt Vikram Investments had filfilled all the conditions of the Environmental Assessment Impact.

However, its prospecting areas were dubiously and maliciously invaded by China Jiangsu International Limited with the assistance of Busoli Development Company, a company owned by the daughter to Chiefteness Nkomesha Mukamambo.

Efforts to have China Jiangsu International Limited stop its illegal mining and quarrying activities in the prospecting area have proven futile.

Investigations showed that Vikram alerted ZEMA and the agency instructed the Chinese and Nkomeshya’s companies to remove equipment and stop the illegal mining but the companies have ignored all orders with impunity.

The companies have also defied orders from the Zambia police to vacate the site and have continued with the unsanctioned mining activities in full violation of the law.

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