Zambia Reports Wins MISA Award

Zambia ReportsZambia Reports, an online publication covering a wide range of Zambian news, was last night awarded the best online and opinion leader award by the Media Institute Southern Africa.

Zambia Reports earned recognition for their wide coverage of the Zambian political landscape.

The award comes at a time challenging circumstances for the practice of free and independent media in Zambia, with numerous journalists facing harassment and prosecution for criticizing the government.

Zambia Reports is one of the websites that for a period of time has faced government censorship by blocking of access to the IP address – an event which was noted by international press freedom organizations as well as some foreign governments.

In a statement from the editorial board emailed to Zambia Reports staff, the organisation thanked the hard work and determination on behalf of the community of editors, reporters, commentators, and especially, readers of this website.

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