Chinese Mining Company Accused of Forgery in Chongwe

China Jiangsu, the company that is allegedly involved in illegal mining with Elizabeth, daughter to senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya, has resorted to forging letters and documents to launder their illegal quarrying in Chongwe.

The development comes after an expose that linked senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II in illegal mining in Shantumbu area.

This is in a conspiracy where Elizabeth and her husband Lennard Kawanu together with two other Zambians had engaged a Chinese company to trespass on the land of another investor where they are conducting mining activities without any appropriate licences and environmental plans.

The companies for Nkomeshya’s daughter where she is listed as director together with her husband Lennard Kawanu are Busoli Development Company and Skyline Quarry Limited.

The companies have ignored a court order that restrains them from illegal mining. The Zambia Environmental Management Authority (ZEMA) has also directed the three companies to stop illegal mining that was being done without any environmental safety plans but the firms have refused to comply.

According to an investigation and paper trail, the Chinese firm and Nkomeshya’s companies want to stop at nothing to grab the mining land from the original owners.

The companies have now forged a letter to purport that Vikram Investments Limited who are the original owners of the mining land mining have offered to sell the land under dispute.

Sources at the Ministry of Mines in Lusaka have said that the Chinese want to claim that Vikram Investments Limited plan to sell the disputed mining area in a bid to persuade the ministry of mines to cancel the licence for Vikram Investments Limited.

The plot by the Chinese is being peddled by a Zambian George Mwamba who is among the bogus directors that had connived with Elkizabeth Nkomeshya and her husband Lennard Kawanu to register fake companies that had engaged China Jiangsu International Limited to do illegal mining.

George Mwamba, who is related to former Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba. He has been visiting media houses in Lusaka with fake documents to alleging that Vikram Investments plans to sell the mine area and was not the rightful owner of the mining area where the China Jiangsu International Limited is conducting illegal mining.

There is a forged letter, which this author obtained that purports Vikram Investments Limited offered to sell the quarry mine in Shantumbu to a company called Chituna Mining and Construction Limited.

According to investigations, the said letter is a fake document that was drafted by the Chinese and George Mwamba.

The letter has no date, official letterhead for Vikram Investments Limited and all the contact numbers provided for its ‘directors’ are not in use.

“Vikram Investment Limited has pleased to offer Chituna Mining and Construction Limited the purchase of a quarry mines in Shantumbu/ Bauleni area consisting of 1, 500 hectres. Our price is US$700, 000. Mrs Patricia Mwale of Emmasdale, Mr Henry Dijimu of Kabulonga, Mr Lucky Phiri of Kamwala South and Mr John Abel Phiri have the sale mandate for the quarry. Please acknowledge your acceptance of this letter to Mrs Patricia Mwale mobile number 0971-1039763, Mr Henry Dijimu monile nimber 0955-827515,” reads the part of the fake letter.

This author tried to call the mobile numbers on the letter, but it was realized the first Airtel Zambia number was fake because the Zambian dialing system has six digits and not seven at the end, while the second mobile number has been switched off for over two weeks since this investigation started.

“The plan for George Mwamba who is being used by the Chinese is to create a picture that Vikram Investments Limited wanted to sell the land where the illegal mining is happening. The Chinese want to stop at nothing to grab the land from the Indian investors. Senior chieftainess Nkomeshya is in agreement because you can clearly see that she is connected because the other two companies are registered in her daughter’s name. there is need to impartiality when dealing with investors because the Chinese have managed to woo the chief’s attention, but she must realize that there are several other investors in Zambia and not only the Chinese,” a source at ministry of mines said in Lusaka.

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