Eastern Province PF Upset with Kabimba and Mangani

lameck-manganiThe suspended Patriotic Front (PF) Eastern Province interim executive committee has accused party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba of dividing the party and favouring Lameck Mangani.

Some members of the provincial executive committee have said Kabimba was driving a personal agenda that was meant to benefit him alone.

The sentiments come after Kabimba, while on a purported party programme in Chipata announced that he had used his powers as secretary general of the PF to disband the interim provincial executive e committee, which he earlier scandalized by alleging that the group was an illegal organ of the party.

However, the members of the suspended interim executive committee have been angered by Kabimba’s sentiments.

The group is also annoyed with the secretary general because Kabimba has suspended every other member, but he has maintained Mangani as the provincial chairperson for the PF.

“Why has Mr Kabimba refused to suspend Mr Lameck mangani also because all of us have been suspended. He is favouring Mangani and the two have embarked on a programme that will benefit themselves alone. This is going to bring divisions in the party because it has become apparent that there are people who are important than others,” said Chirwa Teleka, the spokesperson for the group.

When disbanding the executive committee, Kabimba alleged that no one in the PF authorized the establishment of the provincial interim executive committee.

He went on to appoint Lameck Mangani as the sole member of the PF eastern province executive committee and he would work with all the district executive committee during official party programmes.

Kabimba said elections might be called to elect a substantive provincial executive committee but Lameck Mangani’s position would not be opened for elections.

This decision is what has angered other members of the suspended faction who have said Kabimba was on an unknown agenda of self aggradisement.

He said the party in Chipata was shocked at the decision taken by Kabimba adding that the development was not in the interest of the party.

He said divisions in the ruling party would widen once such dictatorship was allowed to escalate because other genuine and committed members of the PF would be demoralized and might defect to the MMD and United Party for National Development, which was growing in popularity.

Chirwa who was flanked by other party executive committee members said Kabimba was not providing good leadership to the party and this kind of deceptive behavior would cost the PF by-elections that were pending in some constituencies.

He said the PF should provide good leadership in the province as a governing party in order to attract new members.
Recently, a group of PF women in Chipata were suspended for traveling to Lusaka where they demanded that Lameck Mangani must be expelled from the ruling party.

The women have been asked to exculpate themselves for gross indiscipline and they have been accused of being sponsored by Mangani’s enemies.

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