Mahtani’s Political Double Dealing Exposed

Sata Thanks MahtaniWhen in 2007 everyone believed that Finance Bank Chairman Rajan Mathani was very close to late President Levy Mwanawasa, he was actually busy financing the opposition Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata, who is now President of the Republic of Zambia.

According to a letter dated March 2, 2007 obtained by Zambia Reports, Sata thanked Mathani and assuring him of continued friendship.

As Sata writes to one of Zambia’s wealthiest men, “As a friend I will never hurt you directly or indirectly. My party in general and myself in particular need you more than you need us. (…) I can assure you that nobody can misuse my name and Party. But there are certain issues we can deal with outside the courts apart from the published ones.”

But at the exact same time that the Sata-Mahtani relationship was blossoming, Mwanawasa was led to believe he had the loyalty and unwavering support of his former client, for whom he had helped escape criminal prosecution on numerous occasions.

According to a number of sources, Mahtani’s double dealing continues to this day, as he’s been spotted hosting lavish banquets with both MMD and UPND figures, and is said to be behind a number of online smears against President Sata. One will not be surprised if he has not already started financing some opposition political parties.

From the document obtained, it is now clear why Mathani has become untouchable. Within days of his election as president, Sata corruptly restored ownership of Finance Bank to Mahtani before a Commission of Inquiry could even be established, and then also closed down a money laundering investigation into Mahtani on behalf of the Drug Enforcement Commission.



  1. theorist

    The devil we know is better than the devil we dont know at KCM and Airtel.

    • Lemons

      @theorist – I don’t think so – the fruit may be bitter, but it is ours to bear, and this thief Mahtani belongs in jail.

    • HanSolito

      mahtani’s thieving scum – a real piece of work

  2. soap opera

    Ha! I wonder if there’s a letter out there right now from HH thanking Mahtani for all his support ($)!

  3. Sydney

    What’s funny is how lame Mahtani’s defense has become. Undoubtedly he will pay some of his hacks to soon fill up this comment space with excuses about how he “is persecuted” … but really – is it a fact that Odysseas, Salema, Ventriglia, Singleton, and God knows who else is wrong and Mahtani is always right?? Please! WHERE THERE IS SMOKE THERE IS FIRE, AND THERE IS ALWAYS, ALWAYS SMOKE AROUND THIS CRIMINAL.

  4. BigBenMwale

    @theorist @lemons wat this got to do with KCM?? This thief is much worse. We need foreign investment, we don’t need crooks with friends in state house and high court.

  5. Bernard

    Poor Mwanawasa – even his former boss did not love him. There is no shame like disloyalty…

  6. Chilyata

    Mahtani is funding Zambia Watchdog and HH. He has been a double dealer. All major deals of the country involve him. He is such a shameless crook that he poses himself to be a part of government machinery at IMP, World Bank. The funniest part is that when Nawakwi and Chipimo were travelling with Sata to Brazil, this Mwenye showed up at Heathrow to check in for Brazil. Sata told him off. Sata in his usual crude manners told him to back off as he had repaid him by giving him his bank back, he shall not embarrass him and Zambian government by forcing himself on Presidential delegation to Brazil. Mahtani has been regularly paying Nevers Mumba.

  7. Chilyata

    All inside information about PF government and Sata is being leaked by Mahtani to Zambia Watchdog. He is the mole.

  8. gools

    All articles about mahtani on watchdog says ‘comments off’,this is a sign that he is sponsoring ZWD.

  9. Dday

    Mahtani is the worst thing that ever happened to Zambia. He is the one who introduced Vedanta’s Agrawal to Mwanawasa. He only looks at what will profit him and not what is good for the country.

  10. Dday

    I feel sorry for the Malawians who will soon become his victims as he opens up a bank there.

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