Conmen Arrested Over Forged Letters to Sell Mine

Police in Lusaka have arrested two conmen who forged a letter which purports that Indian investors plan to sell a disputed mine area in Chongwe.

According to police sources, the two conmen, Joseph Kangwa Tungati and Kasonde Kasonde, were working with a Mr George Mwamba to write and distribute fake documents to different media houses, government departments to allege that Vikram Investments Limited planned to sell a disputed mine area in Shantumbu.

The police said George Mwamba was going round public and private places where he alleged that he was the brother to former Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba to influence decisions.

The police said a raid at George Mwamba premises in Olympia revealed a glaring stack of forged documents and the matter was still under investigation to arrest all the culprits involved.

“The two suspects were arrested last week. They spent the weekend in police custody. They have been released on police bond. We raided George Mwamba’s place where we found several other forged documents. This man is a pure thief and sommon conman because there are a lot of things that we found suspicious. We have asked these people to report to the Lusaka Central Police station this week on Friday where we shall continue with the case. And we are definitely taking them to court because forgery is a very serious offence under our laws,” the police said.

Efforts in Lusaka to get a comment from George Mwamba failed because his mobile phone went unanswered.

Recently, there was a letter that was authored by George Mwamba, Joseph Tungati and Kasonde Kasonde purporting that Vikram Investments Limited planned to sell its mine in Chongwe.

The mine for Vikram Investments Limited in Chongwe’s Shnatumbu area was encroached by the Chinese who are doing illegal mining. The Chinese have no mining licence and environmental protection plan.

Arroding to investigations conducted recently. The Chinese are working with two other companies that are registered in the name of George Mwamba and Elizabeth Mainza, the daughter to Senior chieftainess Nkomeshya and her husband Lennard Kawanu. The two companies are Busoli Development Company and Skyline Quarry Limited.

The two companies have been using China Jiangsu International Limited to conduct illegal mining in Shantumbu area.

According to some headmen in Shantumbu, the Chinese with George Mwamba have mobilised a group of local leaders, youths and women to discredit Vikram Investments.

“The plan that has been made is to deny local consent for Vikram. They want to then asked government to cancel the licence for Vikram and give it to the Chinese. There is a big meeting that has been organized to press for the cancellation of the licence for Vikram. The Chinese through Mr Mwamba now want to invite the Member of Parliament Obvious Mwaliteta to come and visit the mine area where he will receive a petition against the Indians,” the source said.

The source said Zone 10 leader senior headman Chipwalu and headman Kakote were the locals in the fore-front of leading other people in participating in the propaganda.

The headman said senior headman Chipwalu and headman Kakote were on the Chinese payroll and they received their Chinese rewards through George Mwamba.

The anonymous headman said some people were not happy with the manner in which the dispute between China Jiangsu International Limited and Vikram Investments had been handled by the local traditional leadership because it was obvious that the royal establishment was favouring the Chinese.

“We have tried to advise against this open and deliberate bias, but it seems the Chinese left a lot of money for some of the people among us. We have said we must embrace different investors because this land is not only to the Chinese. In the end, it is our people who may suffer and we shall become a big laughing stock,” the source said.

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