Documents Reveal Illegal Deportations at Zambezi Portland Cement

COURT INJUNCTION STAYING DEPORTATIONSAt the height of their dispute with the multimillionaire Finance Bank Chairman Rajan Mahtani, two directors of the Zambezi Portland Cement (ZPC) company were illegally deported by the Zambian government, according to documents revealed by Zambia Reports.

In November 2012, the Luanshya-born residents Daniele Ventriglia and Valerio Ventriglia were served with deportation notices requiring them to depart Zambia within just four hours, allowing Mahtani’s company Finsbury Investments to take over physical control of ZPC and force the appointment of Andrew Kamanga as interim Chief Executive Officer.

The reason given by officials for the deportations were that the Ventriglias’ conduct represented “a danger to peace and good order of Zambia,” however in subsequent submissions before a Swiss Arbitral Tribunal, the family has alleged that the deportations were arranged by Mahtani in order to seize control of their company. According to court documents, they accuse Mahtani of using his political power over low-level PF officials to fast-track the expulsion of the two businessmen allegedly in order to seize ZPC as part of an illegal corporate raid.

COURT INJUNCTION STAYING DEPORTATIONS2Now there appears to be documentary evidence that immigration authorities acted illegally by deporting Daniele Ventriglia and Valerio Ventriglia. The officials rushed to carry out these deportations in open violation of a court order, released for the first time to the public by Zambia Reports, ignoring a standing injunction for judicial review that had been granted to the two businessmen.

In addition, the deportation paperwork shows some very unusual details. For example, instead of listing the minimum number of days that would be required to depart the country, the form declared only four hours before they would be required to leave their homes and birthplace, which appeared designed to prevent the businessmen from seeking assistance from higher ranking members of the PF government. At the time of the deportations, there were reports in the media that the late Minister of Information Kennedy Sakeni had commented that if he were still Minister of Home Affairs, he would not have allowed these deportations to take place for the private economic gain of a business opponent.

For several years the Ventriglias have been waging a hard-fought battle against Mr. Mahtani for control of ZPC, which they say was unlawfully taken over by the Finance Bank chairman through a conspiracy involving politics, forgeries, and controversial legal decisions.

Mahtani, who is widely acknowledged to have funded the 2011 Patriotic Front political campaign of President Michael Sata, has enjoyed many benefits since the new government came into power, including the restoration of his ownership of Finance Bank, which was taken over by Bank of Zambia when it was discovered that Mahtani individually owned more than 56% of the bank in violation of the law.

Zambia has experienced a number of politically and economically motivated deportations over the past two years. In 2012, a Catholic priest was deported to Rwanda for having criticised the government, and later the manager of the Taj Pamodzi Hotel was also deported allegedly over a personal dispute with an individual who had ties to the government. The government has also deported former executives of Zamtel, which was expropriated by the state shortly after taking power in 2011, as well as an executive of LaFarge Cement.



  1. Lisa

    One who lives by sword, dies by sword. Mahtani’s end is very near and the Mwenye will take with him Joan Craven, Mary Schultz, Barkat ali and many who have been involved in his dirty money laundering and creation of fake documents. That Craven lady is not even ashamed of doing all the dirty work at her advanced age.

  2. Inambao Mboshe

    My advice to the ventriglias is that they should find another lawyer. Sakwiba Sikota is just getting money and will not win any case for these guys. Even the hotelier guys have since realised this. Instead of arguing points in court, Sakwiba has now become a journalists speailising on Rajan Mahtani breaking news. How does that help the people who have been deported? In this case for example, Saki is desperately trying to link Mahtani to issues he is not connected to. Is Mahtani the minister of home affairs or the chief immigration officer? By the way, saying that Mahtani funded PF actually is good for him. It gives him power in the system and works against the ventriligias. By working with Saki, the government is seeing the ventriligias as enemies of government and they will not get anywhere. Hoping that government will change in 2016 is good but not a guarantee. So continue paying Sakwiba and fight govt then we see what you will get

  3. ola

    Inambao, you are partly true that Ventriglia might be looking like an enemy of PF for now, but PF is dying party, the moment Sata is gone, PF is gone. And for Mahtani he is known for corrupting civil servants and law enforcement authorities. It is time for his cohorts to devise an exit strategy lest they be caught in cross-fire. Barkat Ali shall keep his money out of Zambia and fly out the day Fr. Bwalya or Nevers become president.

  4. Ola

    Mahtan is a crim

  5. Ola

    Mahtan is a criminal and soon will be fixed. As for Zambian Watchdog, PF, and all the people he finances, time will soon catch up with them.

  6. future fugitive

    There will come a day when we chase these dirty greedy Indian thieves from their homes in the middle of the night.

  7. Enock

    This man is a crook ,thats I don’t trust Indian at all ,if you see a president is a friend of Indian know that the country will be a corrupt country , its like the book I saw in a book shop ,which say its our time to eat ,this is what is happening know in our country its there time ruins down the country

  8. FoiledVedanta

    KCM = Anil Agarwal = Rajan Mahtani = destruction of Zambia! These crooks must be sorted out now, PF!

  9. T Silweya

    this is jst tip of da iceberg da whole sistim is korupt nd they can tourch him b coz dem r korupt. were on earth does a jadge ovatun his own ruliing 2 yrs dwn da line .pa zed nothin 2 smile about politkali nd economicali

  10. Alicia

    Dr Mathani is linked too many fishy deals like Zambezi Portland Cement, Zambian Airways and now Radisson Blu. Thats why President Chiluba had him locked up after 1997 Captain Solo coup attempt and RB wanted to take away his bank. Thats why we need Zambian running these businesses not foreigners like Dr Mathani.

  11. NdolaGrrl

    You ever notice how on ZWD you can’t comment on the Mahtani propaganda? What a joke!!

    Rajan, you are so corrupt and wicked and you know it.

  12. Thomas




    Dr. Rajan Lekhraj Mahtani is man of contrasting demeanours. He is on one hand, a professed and known born again Christian helping communities, while on the other, he is a practitioner of brutal, cruel and evil methods in his business and political dealings.

    In the business fraternity, Mahtani is feared and well known for his hostile takeover of properties and businesses from distressed persons. Ask his numerous victims.
    His practices are always the same. He pretends to provide financial facilities and overdrafts to lucrative (potential) businesses he eyes, while praying for such persons or businesses to quickly fall into default and ran up arrears.

    The accumulated debt is always his window of opportunity to strip its owners of the assets and leave them bare. He pounces on them by converting the loans and advances into shareholding! Before long, such a business will be pinned to his mantle of his business empire!

    His Business Empire is sustained by a strange mixture in his bowl consisting politics and government business. His propensity for commissions on oil and maize imports and other miscellaneous transactions eventually ran him fowl with leaders.

    First President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda locked up Mahtani after falling out of favour with him.

    Second President, Dr. Frederick Chiluba also fell out of favour with Mahtani and also locked him up.

    Learning from his past relations with Presidents, he treaded with extreme caution with President Levy Mwanawasa and ensured that he had his complete trust and remunerated him and his party well.

    This relationship blossomed to dangerous proportions with Mahtani enjoying virtual monopoly over government business.

    He sought buyers for the mines and helped government sell KCM at a ridiculous price. The assets that were worth hundreds of millions of dollars but were only sold at USD25million to an Indian group Vedanta Resources.


    The latest victim of Mahtani’s brutal business practices is an Italian family that has settled in Ndola.

    Antonio Ventriglia and his family arrived in Zambia in 1957 from Italy. He set up Ital Terrazzo Ltd a successful stone and tile making company.

    Four years ago he decided to set up a cement plant in Ndola.

    The family approached Rajan Mahtani to organise start up project funds for the cement plant.

    Mahtani quickly proposed a stake in the company and the family reluctantly gave up 49% shareholding to Mahtani.

    The project required over USD100 million in start up funds.

    Zambezi Portland Cement (ZPC) was born.

    Mahtani arranged finance facilities from the European Development Fund (guaranteed by BOZ) and from COMESA’s investment and development wing, the PTA Bank of Kenya.

    Mahtani proceeded to source more funds from his own bank, Finance Bank, Finance Leasing and from Barclays Bank.

    All these funds were never credited to the Zambezi Portland Cement Account. Mahtani however chose to pay suppliers directly for the construction of the plant.
    Only residual funds to cover salaries and petty expenses were credited to the ZPC account which was also controlled by Mahtani’s appointee, Peter Khana.

    When ZPC exhausted its borrowing limits, Mahtani persuaded the Ventriiglia family to stake their family asset Ital Terrazzo Ltd, and their family houses as collateral for further loans.

    He persuaded them to register another firm, Cladava Mining Ltd and heaped new loans on the two firms to help finance the cement project.

    Mahtani imported and employed 120 ‘Indian expatriates’ to compliment the 460 Zambian workers!

    When the company decided to increase the plant capacity from 600 tonnes per day to 1000 tonnes per day, costs ballooned.

    Mahtani moved into the vulture mode he is known for. The plant needed additional capital funds! He proposed a change in shareholding to 42% for the Ventriglia and 58% for his Group of Companies.

    Later he revised the shareholding to 25% for the Ventriglias and 75% for the Mahtani Group. The Ventriglias obtained more loans from Trust Merchant Bank of Congo to help service their earlier loan commitment to PTA Bank.

    With over due schedules, and without commissioning production, ZPC debts mounted and PTA Bank –Kenya, and Finance Bank placed the cement plant under receivership.

    Mahtani through Finance Bank also placed Ital Terrazzo under receivership claiming that the firm was liable for the ZPC debts! He even registered false mortgage debentures with Ministry of Lands against Ital Terrazzo.

    But Mahtani had designed this ‘novel’ idea to use Ital Terrazzo and raise funds for the project on the pretext that he was distributing the risk! The loans which were obtained for the benefit of ZPC were now to be paid by the Ventriglias!

    Mahtani proceeded to lay a criminal complaint against the Ventriglias. On 18th July 2008, police on the Copperbelt picked Antonio, his wife and children locked them on fraud charges! Their passports were confiscated and their travel outside Zambia banned!

    They police charged the Ventriglias with offences of obtaining money by false pretences. The loans obtained were now sought under false pretences! To date, the matter has never seen the light of day in court!

    Mahtani has proceeded to encumber the Ventriglias with numerous court actions.

    He has proceeded to change ownership of Zambezi Portland Cement without bothering to obtain consent nor authority from the Ventriglias. In one case, he even submitted fraudulent photocopies of shareholding forms at PACRO!

    At the last Zambia International Trade Fair, ignoring the pending cases in court contesting the shareholding of Zambezi Portland Cement, Mahtani informed the country that ZPC would commence production by August 15th 2009. He stated that the reported dispute with ‘minority shareholders’ had been resolved! (The Post 8th July 2009).

    Clearly, the Ventriglias are fighting a protracted battle with an efficient and powerful enemy. They hope that the courts will establish them as rightful owners of Zambezi Portland Cement and their rights restored. They also hope that the now US$ ½ billion cement plant will be completed and commissioned so that they can meet the financial commitments the plant has accumulated to its creditors.
    Antonio Ventriglia and Manuel Ventriglia have since lodged an official complaint to the police on the Copperbelt reporting the fraudulent manner in which Mahtani changed the shareholding of ZPC.

    In their letter dated 23rd march 2009, the family accuses Rajan Mahtani of stealing their shares in Zambezi Portland Cement. The letter states that the family shares were transferred to Finsbury Investments fraudulently, without their consent and knowledge.

    They accuse Mahtani of even forging signatures on the share certificates submitted to PACRO by Mahtani’s agents.

    To verify and support their claim that Mahtani forged their signatures, the family hired Jannie Viljoen Bester of South Africa. Bester is an international handwriting expert and document examiner who is a member of the South African Forensic Society.

    Bester has confirmed and collaborated the claim of fraud and forgeries on documents submitted to PACRO Zambia.

    Bester’s report is dated 28th October 2008 and sworn in the Registrar of the High Court in South Africa (Transvaal Division) for authentication for authority.

    This matter was further reported to the DEC, and Police Service Headquarters.

    When Mahtani learnt of this, he called the family and mocked them that their allegations ‘’ will go nowhere since he runs a parallel government!’’.

    A successful family business of over 50 years now lies in financial ruin and the Ventriglia have their lives shattered by the evil and cold hand of Mahtani.


    Mahtani has always used political power and money to resolve disputes he creates and encounters in business.

    He has consistently used underhand methods to build his business empire. He has acquired prime properties and assets relying on the desperation of his victims. The control he enjoys and the protection he seeks from politicians, runs his well oiled but vicious machinery against his enemies. His schemes are executed efficiently for him by a group of political leaders, lawyers and Bankers!


    He set up Finance Bank Zambia Ltd in 1994. The Bank has grown to a network of 33 branches and 10 agencies. It employs about 600 workers with total assets of USD280million.

    In April 2008, Mahtani announced that he had sold 40% shareholding of Finance Bank to Credit Suisse. He also announced a plan to list Finance Bank at the Lusaka, Johannesburg and London Stock Exchanges.

    He announced that he would raise up to USD 139million in bond issue, before the initial listing at the Lusaka Stock Exchange.

    Recently Mahtani announced that his bank and Credit Suisse would buy CFX Bank of Zimbabwe.

    The previous owner of CFX Bank, Gilbert Muponda has contested this transaction claiming that his assets were illegally expropriated and seized from him by the government of Zimbabwe. Muponda is contesting this seizure through courts of law.
    He has posted a notice to Finance Bank and Credit Suisse objecting to the impending acquisition.

    During the reign of Mwanawasa, Finance Bank and the Mahtani Group enjoyed large scale government business.

    Finance Bank housed Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) and became the revenue collecting bank. It remits over K1trillion to government through this measure.
    Finance Bank also held other government accounts with huge facilities such as the Tourism Development Credit Facility (K5biilion).

    FBZ also obtained through the World Bank USD25 million to lend to small and medium size enterprises.

    FBZ also became a fund manager to Ministry of Education Bursaries Committee Student loan Scheme worth K15billion.

    Finance Bank also held the earlier fertilizer import and collateral management facility done through NCZ worth USD10 million.

    His insurance outfit, Professional Insurance obtained business traditionally held by Zambia State Insurance Corporation (ZSIC) such as the insurance of ZESCO’s dams and power generation industrial assets.

    Finance Bank opened branches in Malawi and Congo.


    After operating for 10 years in Malawi, the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) on 17th May 2005 suspended Finance Bank’s Foreign Currency Licence (FCL) after extensive investigations. The Reserve Bank also revoked the banking licence for Finance Bank accusing the bank of unsound methods and illegal externalisation of foreign exchange! The Central bank had been investigating Mahtani for years and the allegations it acted upon were not new!

    Through its lawyers, Finance Bank contested this decision and was allowed to continue to operate on the basis of court orders. However the bank eventually closed in January 2006 owing to the waning confidence and dwindling business.
    In light of this serious development, Bank of Zambia began to investigate Mahtani and sought details about the circumstances surrounding the fall of Finance Bank Malawi.

    BOZ considered and attempted to enforce the provisions of the Banking and Financial Services Act that bar and prevent previous Directors and Shareholders of a fallen bank or financial institutions from participating in any other financial institution.

    On 10th October 2007, Mahtani wrote to Bank of Zambia, through his lawyers Jacques &Partners. Stephen Malama requested BOZ to ‘ignore’ the ‘happenings’ in Malawi and urged BOZ to interpret the provisions of Section 31 of the Banking and Financial Services Act in a favourable manner!

    Malama requested that the provisions of the law should not apply to Dr. Rajan Mahtani and his partner Ali who are shareholders and directors in Finance Bank Zambia. The duo was also shareholders and directors Finance Bank Malawi!
    The letter to BOZ was copied to President Mwanawasa! It is puzzling that Malama chose to copy such a letter to Mwanawasa. This can only be interpreted that the whole thing was veiled in threats and BOZ attempted action to penalise Mahtani was paralysed.


    Zambezi Oil and Tanzania LTD (ZOT) opened in Ndola Zambia amidst strong protests due to its location and proximity to a power plant and public road, and the environmental dangers it posed to the surrounding areas.

    ZOT however opened and started dealing in jet and gas oil, and gasoline.
    It was owned by the mother company from Tanzania (Tanganyika Investments Oil and Transport- TIOT).

    In 2004, a UK company – Lukoil International Trading and Supply Company (LITASCO), sued ZOT for an outstanding debt of USD2.6 million in the Lusaka High Court.

    ZOT protested that LITASCO dealt with companies in Tanzania, TIOT and Euro Products who were suppliers to ZOT. ZOT stated that they were third parties to the LITASCO transactions.

    Clearly the legal suit was misplaced and was later dropped owing to contractual provisions that stated that disputes would be dealt with by the London Arbitration Court.

    LITASCO therefore took the matter to London and obtained a default judgement in the London High Court against ZOT.

    LITASCO however failed to enforce the judgement against ZOT in Zambia owing to the country’s laws regarding foreign judgments.

    In October 2008, LITASCO Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Gati Al-Jebouri sought help from President Mwanawasa and met him in London.

    Mwanawasa met Al-Jebouri on October 8th 2007.

    Upon his return, Mwanawasa wrote a letter dated 18th October 2007 to ZOT Managing Director Robinson Malenji directing the firm to promptly settle the claim of USD2.6million due to LITASCO.

    Mwanawasa informed Malenji that LITASCO had appointed Mahtani as a Zambia Consultant for the firm! Mahtani who orchestrated the whole affair, wrote to Mwanawasa on October 4th 2007 informing him that he was ‘the official consultant’’ for LITASCO and proposed a solution!

    Mahtani wrote:

    Your Excellency,

    May I make reference to your meeting with Mr. Gati Al-Jebouri, Chief Executive Officer of LITASCO on Monday 8th October 2007 when you were last in London. One of the issues raised was the credibility of Zambia and the recognition it ensued on the international financial market.

    The CEO requested your assistance with the longstanding debt in the sum of USD2, 632,474.90 due to Zambezi Oil and Trading Company Ltd and adjudged by the High Court of the United Kingdom on 29th August 2007.

    I have passed on all relevant documents to your Special Assistant- Legal, Mr. Darlington Mwape and trust he will find an amicable solution to resolving this protracted matter in order to restore the good standing of Zambia on the international market.

    I have advised that Finance Bank ltd would be quite happy to assist ZOT in obtaining a suitable facility (to discharge this debt) if they consider this necessary.
    ZOT MD, Robinson Malenji appeared shocked at receiving a letter from the Head of State who had clearly been turned into a debt collector! He expressed further surprise at the ‘solution’ being offered by Mahtani through the President!

    Malenji wrote to Mwanawasa and respectfully explained that the said debt obligation was accumulated by the two Tanzanian companies TIOT and Euro products. He expressed ignorance on the London court proceedings against ZOT referring them to the Tanzanian companies!

    Mahtani’s attempt to encroach on the assets of ZOT failed through his proposal to settle the debt failed!

    He had a second plan.

    When ZOT management showed reluctance to yield, Mahtani recalled the overdraft ZOT had with Finance Bank at short notice. ZOT owed Finance Bank K2.8 billion.
    In its letter to Mahtani, ZOT informed the Bank that the recall of the overdraft was not honest. The company however informed Mahtani that they would be willing to discharge the overdraft since the firm had fuel stocks amounting to over K7 billion lying in their reserve tanks and at filling stations.

    When the one week he gave ZOT elapsed, Mahtani placed the oil company under receivership. Today ZOT has been leased to a company called Samaras Fuels.
    It is not known what has happened to the multi-million dollar assets, fuel stocks and the value of filling stations seized by Mahtani and his action to recover only K2.8 billion!


    In 1999, the Attorney General of Zambia, Bonaventure Mutale on behalf of Zambia, sued Carlington Sales Company for the recovery of USD7.8million for non-delivery of maize.

    The London Arbitration Court heard the matter and later ruled in favour of Zambia.
    In his testimony to the London court, former Food Reserve Agency (FRA) CEO Chance Kabaghye testified that Dr. Rajan Mahtani introduced Carlington Sales Company of Canada and its owner Ali Ben Menashe to Zambia.

    He stated that Menashe told him that as soon as the government of Zambia paid for the supply of maize, he also in turn remitted to Mahtani a commission of USD240, 000.00 for ‘’arranging the business’’.

    The Taskforce on Corruption pursued this matter and questioned Former President Dr. Frederick Chiluba, and former Finance Minister Edith Nawakwi. Mahtani was also questioned in connection with the saga.


    Following the defrauding of Zambia by Mahtani’s elements in the Carlington maize saga, his relationship with Chiluba degenerated.

    On October 28th 1997, renegade soldiers seized the ZNBC studios and announced that a coup had taken place. Within a few hours, loyal soldiers from the Commando Unit based in Lusaka West, stormed the national radio station, regained control and captured the renegade soldiers.

    The following day, Chiluba declared a state of emergency and an intensive investigation commenced followed by a severe crackdown on suspects. 77 soldiers were arrested.

    Investigations revealed that certain political leaders were informed about the impending coup and the organiser sought help from them to support the coup if it succeeded and seek its legitimacy.

    It emerged that political meetings were held and leaders in the Zambia Democratic Congress were fingered as prime suspects. They were accused of ‘plotting aftermath’ of the coup!

    Dr. Rodger Chongwe and Azwell Banda fled to Australia and South Africa respectively.

    Security wings were quick to round up all those reported to be involved. Opposition Leader Dean Namulya Mungomba, MMD Chairperson for Women Affairs, Princes Nakatindi and Former President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda and his security aide Moyce Kaulungombe were picked.

    Kaunda was released from Mukobeko Maximum Prison after the quick and immediate intervention by Africa’s elder statesman Mwalimu Julius Nyerere. Kaunda was placed under house arrest.

    Kaunda was finally released and charges dropped against him after an agreed written settlement that pledged that Dr. Kaunda would retire from active and partisan politics.

    On June 9th 1998, eight months after the coup, trial commenced against Dean
    Mungomba, Nakatindi Wina and the 77 soldiers.

    Before the trial, Police picked and detained Rajan Mahtani on allegations that he
    used Finance bank to provide money for the coup plot. During the run up to the coup, Mahtani provided Princes Nakatindi with an unsecured overdraft of over K400 million.

    After 41 days in detention, Mahtani was on July 9th 1998, released and the charges against him were dropped.


    Mahtani continues to be a divisive figure with many enemies in his wake. His sponsorship of political activities for both the governing party and opposition parties ensures that he always has a safe landing whatever the outcome of national elections.

    He also enjoys and nurses relationships with all that matter, from the police, DEC and cabinet ministers to ensure that no reprisals take place or affect him so that those pursuing him are kept at bay!

    Mahtani seems however to have failed to bring under his influence, the current President, Rupiah Banda. It is for this reason that he seemed to heighten his financial support to opposition leaders, Michael Sata and UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

    Mahtani complains that Rupiah Banda has ‘his own Indians he uses from Chipata and Chadiza’’!

    Because Mahtani regards himself as the best suitor and bridge between government and the Indian Community and ‘’no government leader can succeed without him’’
    His continued harassment of people such as the Ventriglias might finally lead to his eventual downfall. He appears to be careless and his renowned calculated methods are cracking and tinged with desperation.

    People like Mahtani have become pests in the politics and governance of this country. They continue to perch and fleece at every new President and accumulating large wealth for themselves in the process.

    Rajan Lekhraf Mahtani, is his day of reckoning near?

  13. Zesa

    Mahtani survives due to stupid, greedy and gullible politicians and civil servants. carlington maize deal commission was paid to his brother in law who ran away from Zambia. His and his wife own all Mahtani group companies but never paid any tax in Zambia on sale of Finance Bank shares to Credit Suisse and Loita. They never paid any tax on dividends received by them from Finance Bank, Professional Insurance and other group companies. DEC was in the process of writing to Interpol and Canadian security agencies on money laundering activities Mr and Mrs Schultz, the owners of Finsbury Investment were involved in. In the meantime government changed and Sata stopped DEC action against Mahtani and gave him the bank back. Sata knows Mahtani better than anybody in political circles but just for money he sold his conscience and ignored BOZ recommendations, Reserve Bank of Malawi report and DEC Dossier.

  14. nicompt

    What happened to Ka Mahtani’s hospital scandal? Mr. Singleton is in the waiting?

  15. Ola

    Mahtan is a crook and should be locked up for many years. He likes to gag the media and sue critical journalists and publications- Zambian Watchdog has already been silenced, everything about him is comment closed, The Post never writes anything bad, the government media is scared, politicians are scared- what a crook of a man is Mahtan- he made the poor Italians to be deported who are the majority share holders. Shame on this criminal.

  16. Kili

    Why did Mahtani fire Sakwiba Sikota as his lawyer? And is it not true that Sakwiba, the editor of this website, is a partner of the Ventriligia and those Hottellier criminals? There are only three people here passing silly comments, they are Sakwiba, Obert Simwanza and the ventriligias

    • Kili IS Mahtani

      I think it is quite clear that we actually have the main man himself, Rajan Mahtani, writing here! I would recognize that smug ignorance anywhere! Tell me sir, if everybody else is wrong, and if you are so innocent, then why do all the documents prove you wrong? What is your answer to this deportation injunction? Your answer to Steven Singleton? Your answer about Finance Bank shareholdings? Your answer about Radisson Blu? You are a crook, sir, and your defense fails to hold up.

  17. fret day

    @Kili, you are Mahtani’s relative a part of money launderer and a major beneficiary conduit. Wait for Sata’s departure and even Mahtani is dead, all his money laundering will be reported to interpol, Canadian government, American government and British government. His partners in crime Mr. Simeza (forger), Mary Schultz, Reverend Schultz, Craven (forger and fraudster), Barkat Ali, Peter and Andrew Kamanga will face the music.

  18. Vatongo

    My feeling is that these Italians and also just as crooked as the india Matani. We need to start over in Zambia without such investors.
    They call them selfs investors and steal over 40 million usd acording to Matani. That means they have stollen more than 40 million usa dollars.
    To build a school in zambia costs less that 1/2 a million usa dollar. Not one of those so called investors cares about our children. Do we really need such rubbish people in our country?

  19. Beamer

    We must rid Zambia of infestors like Mahtani and Agarwal, these Indians who steal from the Zambian people and mock us after the robbery. Rajan has been the biggest criminal in the history of the country!

  20. Maureen

    I heard that Mahtani had an adulterous affair with an Indian lawyer years back … and then after she asked for his help to finance a new company, he stole her property and bribed immigration to have her deported, just like he did to the Ventriglias. What a shameful crook!

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