Zambian Businessman Joseph Mwewa Arrested in Johannesburg

South African immigration services have nabbed a Lusaka businessman and Asphalt Roads company owner Joseph Mwewa for forging a residence permit.

According to sources within the South African immigration, Mwewa, whom is Elias Chipimo and NAREP’s financier, was apprehended shortly after arriving at O.R Tambo International Airport on Thursday around 15:30 hours.

South African security picked Mwewa as he alighted from the plane and took him for questioning and later detained him.

Efforts to have him released by the Zambian High Commissioner to South Africa Mayeba Chikonde, who is a personal friend to Mwewa, proved futile as that country’s law enforcers said they could not tolerate such kind of criminal behaviour.

By press time, South Africa security were organising Mwewa’s deportation back to Lusaka. According to a confidential source, Mwewa is allegedly getting a number of corrupt contracts from the Roads Development Agency (RDA) despite very poor workmanship and a record of substandard performance. The source says that Mwewa often boasts of having a number of PF ministers in his pocket, among them Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba, whom he allegedly bribed with a Range Rover sport and a Jaguar under the pretext that he acquired them through a long term lease.

As a result, the source says, Kalaba worships Mwewa and is willing to go an extra mile to ensure that Mwewa’s contracts with RDA are protected despite the inefficient and pathetic workmanship. Mwewa is an ardent supporter of NAREP and secretly finances Chipimo’s campaigns. At the time of writing, Mwewa was still in police cells in South Africa.


  1. Zitha

    Kwakwakwakwaaaaaaa he is out more than 12 hours ago gigigigigiiiiii

  2. Banda

    Is this a political conspiracy or mal admin by South African gvt or a set up?

  3. forbes

    What has his arrest got to do with Mr Chipimo. Just because he supports NAREP does not mean that he finances Mr Chipimo.

    Where is the evidence that he finances Mr Elias Chipimo?

    • René of the Resistance

      you’ll notice that this is a common aspect of the type of ‘reporting’ we have in Zambia, one we’re personal opinion influences the type and flow of articles in Media. PF or whatever political party (PP for short- coz that’s what they all are, PP’s)controls ZNBC, ZANIS et al, Mmebe has his tool the Post etc. All these media reflect their heads’ reasoning or opinions. No objectivity permeates in the stories, much like Fox news in Australia. Don’t get me wrong, no one media news outlet is ‘perfect’ but they aspire to it, like AP, NPR, BBC Der Spiegel…
      It would be ideal if they had noted that no connection was evident of any involvement by Chipimo. Please, ZR, and the rest of the Zambian online news media, learn from Associated Press and report in a manner befitting of a true journalistic endeavour, or ignore this plea and do whatever you want.

  4. Kazembe wa Lunda

    Am a Permanent Residence too in South Africa with a Green ID,which if u happen to have that PR sticker in your passport but cant show the ID,imwe kwingila,ukutemwa ama Short cuts aba Bemba muletusebanya

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