Worker Dies in Accident at ZPC

A Zambian employee lost his life today in an accident at the stone crushing plant at the Zambezi Portland Cement (ZPC) company in Ndola on the Copperbelt. The worker, named Martin, was pronounced deceased at the scene of the accident on Saturday, late afternoon.

The accident takes place amid rising safety concerns at the plant, where workers complain that the new management is failing to provide adequate investment in safety checks.

“We do not feel safe working here these days, as the new management has not hired qualified personnel to safely run the machines,” said one employee, who declined to be named. “Today’s loss of life could have been avoided – people are outraged.”

Since taking over control of ZPC, Finance Bank Chairman Rajan Mahtani has been accused of stripping the company of its operational budget. All sales of cement and crushed stone are transferred to the Zamrock Africa Ltd (Mahtani’s defunct company, where Peter Kanaganayagam is Managing Director) bank account on a weekly basis, and then transferred to an account held by Finsbury Investments at Finance Bank.

The ZPC employees say that Mahtani, whose ownership of ZPC is being challenged in the courts by the Ventriglia family, has failed to place a priority on safety at the company, leading to heightened risk for accidents and injuries at the cement plant.


  1. Joan

    Board Secretary of Zamrock Limited Mrs. Joan Craven announced that Dr. Mahtani has munificently announced that the family of the deceased will be paid K200,000 as loss of life benefit and K10,000 is allocated for the funeral.

    • Chikopa

      That is a wonderful gesture by big man. Kudos to Big man Dr Mahtani. God bless Him for His Kindness.


        What is compensation with pain of losing life of a husband, father, brother,uncle etc.Will his company continue killing and maiming employees because their chief executive has money to pay the deceased employee’s family? No where is his conscious and personal integrity as a CEO.Let shamenda send his ministry Hse personnel to investigate the cause of this fatal accident and let whoever will be found guilty face the law.ZPC should be working on attaining the best industrial safety practises and its high time the company is held accountable and sanctions melted against it.The world over now are shunning to do business and buy products from companies that have a bad safety reputation or do not have any safety practises at all that protect its workforce.Its only in poverty stricken countries like Zambia that these sub-standards are tolerated and accepted as a norm and gesture of goodwill. Let ZPC face the law under the Factories Act and the new Occupation Health and Safety regulation Act 2010 of Zambia.Shamenda We want to hear from you over this issue.If you can act on China Henan in Livingstone why can’t you act on ZPC who are just within your foot steps in Ndola.Sha


      Joan,Your comments or reaction the unfortunate death of your employee should that you rich and wealthy people do not care about life anymore as long as the poor soul dies whilst making or increasing your wealth you are not bothered you will hire anyone that you will kill and compensation and this will go on and on till they will be no one to work for you.What a kind of heartless human beings are you.

  2. Chikopa

    Rajan is a very kind businessman. Stop maligning him.

  3. nivo

    Foolish u chikopa 200,000 can’t buy life

  4. Chikopa

    @nivo, get life brother, K200,000 is a lot of money. I agree with you that it cannot buy life but at least here is an employer that has concern for its workers than many who do not care whether worker lives or dies. One shall be rational enough to give credit where it is due.

  5. Janmulusa

    They are killing our brothers and showing kindness by publicizing giving K200,000 on the death of a worker. Whatever political affiliation we shall have, PF government shall investigate the rise of prolonged cough, phlegm, bronchial asthma and shortness of breath amongst Zambezi Portland Cement workers. From the time Andrew Ka-manga, Peter Kananagayanga and Joan Craven have taken over the plant no protective equipment are provided, not investment in safety and medical facilities, instead the whole cash is being transferred to Craven controlled Zamrock (a company that was blacklisted by mining companies as Joan Craven tried to bribe white executives of the mining company).

  6. Stan

    Chikopa, half of that money will end up as commission for Mahtani.

  7. karibabull

    this would have never happened during the Ventriglia days, they were very concerned with safety and ensured that all employees would receive PPE twice a year as per zambian laws and ensured that the highest trained Eng. took responsibility of the plant ensuring the best in Quality;Quantity and SAFETY!!!!!

  8. Stan

    Birds of feathers fly together. Craven bribes Whites, Chaturvedi bribes Indians, Barkat bribes civil servants and Mahtani the don of the Mafia keeps politicians in his pockets. Till K200,000 is given to the family of the deceased, I do not believe this news of Mahtani announcing K200,000 to the family.

  9. James Zulu

    Sakwiba sikota and Dickson jere you are really frustrated with Mathani. Trying to link every flying insect on Mathani. Just shows who is funding this small website. The man is far too advanced. Just continue conning these dull Italians and build houses.

    During the Ventriligia theft, money was laundered and shared with RB family.

  10. Julu

    Is this website for Mathani exclusively? You have no other news? Boring

  11. Darius Nko

    I love Dr Rajan Mahtani. Very kind and practical. He employs more people than govt.

  12. GetTheTruthOut

    I applaud this website’s effort to tell the truth about the evil deeds of Rajan Mahtani – he has destroyed many lives with his greed, and now he is killing Zambians. Shame on those commenters paid to defend him.

  13. BS

    I would ask Joan Craven to show that this poor worker’s family actually receives these funds. Show us photos or documentary evidence. More lies from thieves paid by Mahtani.

  14. Big Daddy

    Zulu and Julu, whosoever you are, ask the same question to Zambianwatchdog, how come it is after Sata all the time and gives the best coverage to Mahtani with nobody allowed to comment? Whether you like it or not, Mahtani is going to go in, unless his heart and prostrate takes him to hell. The fella will die in the flight like his illegal counsel, who signed fake minutes and Craven pasted in the book. And for you, distance yourself from the plunderer or you will have all tax evasion cases of your relative heaped on you.

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