Were Zambian Police Bribed by Mahtani to Disobey Court Orders?

Corruption is nothing new to the Southern Africa region, and certainly Zambia is no exception to the trend. What is interesting, however, is the increasing cases of corruption of public organs as part of private sector disputes, where the government is used as an economic weapon among businessmen.

According to exclusive new documents unearthed as part of our in-depth investigation of the take over of the Zambezi Portland Cement (ZPC) company by the controversial multimillionaire Rajan Mahtani, members of the Zambian Police have been caught red handed disobeying direct court orders, posing a breakdown in Zambia’s constitutional rule of law under the Patriotic Front (PF) government.

The latest leaked documents, which can be downloaded here, include a cover letter dated Jan. 2, 2013 to the Inspector General Stella Libongani and the Copperbelt Province police chief signed by the Malambo & Co. law firm, demanding that the police serve a court order to Mr. Andrew Kamanga, the individual who had been appointed by Mahtani as managing director of ZPC.

However, despite this letter being delivered to the Zambian Police along with the order of the court, the police refused to take any action whatsoever toward Mr. Kamanga and failed to serve him, representing a clear gesture of disrespect for the constitutional authority of the judiciary.

“There are only two ways in which the police would dare to disobey the courts,” said the source who provided Zambia Reports. “Either the instructions came down directly from the head of state President Michael Sata himself, or the local police were bribed. Either way, whether the allegations are true or not, Rajan Mahtani is the one who privately benefits from this illegal disobedience by the police.”

The source did not provide direct evidence of bribery by any party, but instead pointed to Mahtani’s established close links with the PF government, and the deployment of more than 200 police officers to forcefully steal control of ZPC in December 2012.

The court order which the police refused to serve to Mr Kamanga was the High Court case numbered 2008/HN/268 in the matter of Antonio Ventriglia, Manuela Ventriglia, and Zambezi Portland Cement Limited vs. the Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (PTA Bank) and Robert Mbonani Simeza. The court order related to the contempt proceedings against Rajan Mahtani, John Sangwa, Joan Craven, and David Kanaganayangam.

The court order found that the board meeting arranged by Mahtani to appoint Kamanga to take over the company was illegal: “Therefore the three directors, who attended the meeting of 3rd December 2012 are fully aware of these orders or the decisions of this court and the Supreme Court. (…) Mr. Kamanga’s appointment is not valid.”

The Zambezi Portland Cement (ZPC), which is a $160 million plant located in Ndola on the Copperbelt, has been the subject of a highly contentious and politically sensitive battle for ownership between the company founders Antonio Ventriglia and Manueal Sebastini and the financier Rajan Mahtani.


  1. Shocker

    If you ask me, I have no doubt whatsoever that the criminal banker Mahtani bribed BOTH Mary Tembo and Michael Sata.

  2. Andrew

    Since when is it such a surprise that the police take action only on some things, while they look the other way on everything else?

    • P. Mumba

      @Andrew EXACTLY this kind of attitude why we have corruption that is never sorted out! If people don’t care when crooks like Mahtani steal from us, what is the point of us even bothering to make a living? We need a movement against indifference and impunity of corruption.

  3. Kaya

    Ba Sakwiba nainwe, don’t you have anything new to post . Mahtani fir life. He beats you in court despite claiming to be a state counsel. Shows how dull you. No wonder you wet your trousers when you are drunk

  4. brown Crow

    Mahtani and his sister never fail to amaze. They swindle all hardworking businessmen, short-change corrupt officials like Mpundu of NAPSA, Msiska of ZRA (now at ministry), D Musenge (ex-NAPSA CEO) Mumba, PS at Defence (Maureen henchman to steal through tenders) and many other whom Mahtani promised and continues promising to pay an agreed percent of the deposit, supply and compensation but then pays less, how many of such high-flyers are bitter with this Mwenye?

    Mahtan sweet talked Ventriglias and hijacked their lime resources, vast mining area and deposits.
    Mahtani can be rest assured, if his posterior does not get burnt within next 2 years, he shall get ready to be taken to Maximum Prison for good. Fr Bwalya will make his sister and her fake husband to account for their theft from the church. Mahtani is the worst thing to have happened to Zambia. That son of a bitch Barkat Ali has all along been the conduit to steal from bank and create money to bribe ministers, presidents, MPs and CEOs at many cash rich companies. Blackened skinned Craven will be locked up if she does not run away before next presidential elections. Her husband, theugly, fat stammering dull and oblivion to relationship between his wife and Mahtani Craven (Male) is a human tick living on Mahtani and people against Mahtani.

  5. snicker

    Mahtani has sold Finance Bank and smiling all the way ot his bank.

    • Lexus

      Haha, I think you mean smiling all the way to the jail cell!

  6. sam chungu

    This letter to ZP does not mean they had to serve Andrew Kamanga at all. It means ZP were given a copy of the cover letter used to deliver the order to Andrew Kamanga with his acknowledgement to prove he had been served. Simple English.

    • Paul Banda

      @sam chungu – No, you are wrong about this – people working at the plant knew that the police refused to provide the court-ordered security detail to the bailiffs to service Kamanga.

  7. Zambian by blood

    These mwenyes and italians or whoever need the museveni treatment, kick all of them out of Zambia, its a shame that after 50 years of independence we have all these chaps running the show and stealing from each other yet not “Zambian” that is why i appreciate Nigerians and west africans in general they run the show not mwenyes and Lebanese..

  8. amazing kaya

    He is dying with prostrate cancer, heart failure and syphilis. Wife was messing around with his driver, who gave nice massages -deep massages to Mahtani’s guests from Zambia.

  9. Misa

    Without an iota of a doubt, they were bribed and continued to be bribed by the Mwenye and his lackey Andrew Kamanga.

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