Rajan Mahtani’s Rented Police Arrest ZPC Lawyer – Source

Sources from within the Zambian Police at Ndola Headquarters have tipped Zambia Reports that a well respected lawyer Zacharias Muya was placed under arrest today under the orders of Finance Bank Chairman Rajan Mahtani. The arrest, the source says, relates to Mahtani’s ongoing effort to threaten and intimidate the original owners of Zambezi Portland Cement (ZPC).

Mr. Muya, a senior counsel who has overseen numerous claims regarding ZPC before the High Court, was arrested by local police accusing him of “theft” along with Antonio Ventriglia and Daniele Ventriglia, allegedly having used “legal fees” to take money out of the company.

“The arrest of Mr Muya is without grounds, but the police are being forced to act as rented mercenaries for Mr Mahtani in a effort to pressure the ZPC founding owners who are trying to get their property back,” the source alleges. “This is the classic modus operandi of Mahtani: he uses corrupt influence over political figures and police to accuse others of crimes that they themselves commit.”

Legal counsel acting on behalf of Antonio Ventriglia & Manuela Sebastiani have waged an intensive, politically charged legal battle against Mahtani, arguing that he never paid for the shares he claims, and that he illegally appointed new management and accrued new debts while the company was in receivership.

The source told Zambia Reports that Mr. Michael Sata, the President of Zambia, should with immediate effect ensure that Mr. Mahtani is brought to book.

“Sata should also make sure that Mr Muya is immediately released and cleared of the false allegations. He must stop Mahtani from using the police as a private militia,” the source said.

As the cement plant has been stripped of its high level management while proceeds from all sales are sucked out of the company to Mahtani’s accounts, safety standards have drastically worsened. Earlier this week, a 27-year-old worker was crushed to death in an accident at the plant.

A series of leaked documents recently featured in the media show a vast range of criminal behaviour by Mr Mahtani with regard to ZPC, including forgery, unlawful deportations, and several instances of using the police, including a dramatic armed raid on the $160 million cement plant in order to force out the managers and arrange a sham board meeting to take over the assets.


  1. Craven

    Mahtani is a SOB, shamelessly married to his First cousin who has been messing around with his driver in London. The day Sata is out of the equation, Mahtani will be locked up. Next President will not be stupid like Rupiah Banda to allow DEC to be bought by Mahtani and drag his case. It will open and shut case. His partners in crime Joan Craven (manipulative company secretary for all his dubious companies), Barkat Ali (money laundering remnant of BCCI Bank-bank closed for money laundering), Ramesh (CEO at Leasing Finance, the man who provides funds for nefarious activities in the copper belt), Peter (the crooked Mwenye manipulating books, siphoning cash from Zambezi Portland Cement). Since he has shown the way and none of his crooked and greedy lawyers have restrained from such heinous crime, they will all face the sword when the new president takes over.

  2. Stan

    Since when did it become a crime to receive fee from a lawyer’s client? If that was the case all lawyers of Mahtani shall be behind bars. His is money obtained from money laundering.

  3. lackey

    Is this Indian a Christian or a Muslim?

  4. HMA

    This donkey is digging deeper.

  5. Hague

    How may lives and families this fella has destroyed?

  6. Mutale

    Mahtani loves controversies and making enemies. His end will be really bad. Anybody who makes it an election issue that he will take Finance Bank back from Mahtani will have my vote.

  7. L.M.

    False allegations against a good man Mr. Muya,Matani do not speak or accuse innocent people.. God owez has a way of defendin his own

  8. Mutale

    L.M>>>>>>>>If Matani ( we know you are related to him and are the conduit for all his money laundering. You will go with him when the government changes) is a good man, then your facade of Christianity is as ugly as your buck teeth are. God has never defended Matani and it is satans who come to delay emancipation of Zambians. He will go with the satan soon, leaving you behind to face the reality. Hypocrites of first orders, defending the undefendable.

  9. Teacher

    Grade 1 question- Who is the most despised creature in Zambia?
    3-Michael Chilufya Katongo Sata
    4-Rajan Mahtani

  10. karibabull

    Muya please put that crook of Mahtani in his place, when you go to court please produce all invoices you issued to ZPC and should those not be enough then the Police needs to arrest all the other lawyers that were paid from ZPC i.e.: Bonaventure Mutale; Malambo & Co; Saki Sikota;Siwila & Partners and the newly appointed High Court Judge Martin Musaluke so please don’t be worried intact its Mahtani that should be worried because when tables turn it will be another story, and trust me table will turn!!!

    • Mary Schultz

      @karibabull, indeed the table will turn. I have advised my brother to keep British passport handy, ready to fly out on first sign of change of government. I fear of MMD back to power and arresting my brother for money laundering. My brother is a greedy pig who used take 20,000 dollars from Finance Bank Malawi for every visit to Blantyre, Barkat Ali taking 5,000 dollars for every visit to Blantyre. They used to take per diem from Finance Bank Zambia also.All Indian traders from Kamwala were dished out dollars by Barkat Ali without any record. My reverend husband has stopped eating. He fears of the worst in 16 months time. Our names appeared on all documents as shareholders while my reverend husband grew up in a shanty compound in Ndola.

  11. Peter

    Zambians are ungrateful. As long as they get what they want, they praise the hand that gives. The moment they are asked to pay back loans, they start calling names. Muya stole with Ventriglias and shall pay back. Let DEC do its job. Had it not been for President Sata’s win, many Zambians would have lost jobs in Finance Bank (FNB wanted to bring south africans for all key positions), Zambezi Portland Cement (Indians were mushrooming), group companies crippled for witch-hunting and keeping their executives out of work, reporting to Rupiah Banda and Sikota’s compromised DEC.

  12. EsaZed

    Zambianwatchdog, in its usual way presenting the spinned news on its website. Spin doctor throws a bone to them and all of them jump like dogs to give coverage. Cannot Sata and Nchito see the closeness of Mahtani to Zambianwatchdog and HH? Cannot they see the Indians playing double-dating game?

  13. morgan

    Wind for change is blowing to sweep all enemies of Zambia.

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