Michael-Sata-Bank-AccountZambia Reports has obtained copies of President Michael Sata’s personal bank account statements at Finance Bank, from January 2011 (before he was president) through the end of 2012, where a number of suspicious transactions can be observed.

Although this is hardly the only bank account maintained by the Head of State, there are a number of questions to be answered.

On two separate occasions, President Sata attacked his opponent UPND President Hakainde Hichilema by releasing his bank account details to the media. Now the same should be expected of him. Readers can download the full bank statements here to read for themselves, or see the embedded version below.

The opening balance of Sata’s U.S. dollar account at Finance Bank #0010106930015 was only $629.88 – indicating that this is not his primary account.

However, after becoming president, regular deposits were made into the president’s account by one BRENDA MUSONDA ZULU, who is believed to be associated with the roads contractor China Jiangxi (China Jiangxi works with Levi Zulu of Zulu Burrow Ltd). At one point, Mrs Zulu is seen to be depositing more than $33,000 in the month of November 2011 alone in $4,000 and $5,000 increments. Later China Jiangxi would grab lucrative contracts from the Road Development Agency (RDA), which had been taken over by the Patriotic Front, to build roads in the newly created Muchinga Province.

Father Frank Bwalya, who was formerly an ardent supporter of President Sata and the PF, said on June 16 2013 that he left his position on the board of ZESCO because of corruption issues, including an alleged $280 million no-bid contract that was handed to China Jiangxi under non-transparent terms.

According to RDA’s own documents on the contracts relating to the Link Zambia 8000 Road Project, China Jiangxi holds at least three current contracts – one of which began during the same period as these payments were taking place.

Among the outgoing payments, it can be seen that President Sata sent at least $5,000 to Mirriam Mulenga, whom he made Ambassador to Turkey and whom is rumoured to be the mother of one of his illegitimate children.

By the end of 2012, President Sata had siphoned a fortune of almost $200,000 in undeclared funds that stands separately from his official salary or known business activities. Meanwhile, the party to knowingly facilitate this account was Finance Bank Chairman Rajan Mahtani, who was being investigated for money laundering at the time the account was opened.

Stay tuned here for more facts and details as our investigation continues, as well as the release of more bank statements – including those of the president’s son and other parties.

President Michael Sata's Bank Account Statement


  1. eagle's eye

    Sounds like another Zamtrop saga. And whatever happens to the US$8.5 kept in that account?

  2. Lawrence L

    This “Atlantic International University” to which the account holder sends consisten remittances is interesting, too. A quick search shows lots of questions about whether or not it exists. Surely, it’s not accredited in the US ( nor does its name make sense. If it’s in Hawaii (in the Pacific), why is it called Atlantic? Wikipedia also says it’s headquartered in Nigeria… This link shows Indian students “blacklisting” it:

    Maybe something to look into, ZR.

    • Mwiya

      If you live in a glass house don’t throw stones. The practice of turning a blind eye tp corruption is a sad spectre in Zambia’s political landscape. It is frightening to see dishonesty being supported. Blind loyalty will drive this country to rock bottom

  3. Mama Waluse

    I thought this man has been on holiday since assuming power As CEO of “Z” is it prudent to take a holiday while the economy is performing badly and the the voters are feeling cheated. Any way may be he has never run a business that requires crtical thinking. By the way how many trunks of dollars does he carry every time sneaks out?

  4. CHIME

    Being robbed in broad day light.. May God help us.

  5. Stan

    Get ready Ka Mahtani for another bout of DEC grilling once Sata is gone. This time there will not be any Satan to fool Zambians and let you and your cartel friends get away. Get your posterior checked and stock medicines for next 5 years. We want to see you healthy and will visit you in jail every day with fake priests engaged by your fake wife (first cousin) and fake sister (sweet poison) and fake Reverend (thief from the church in Kabulonga). Clock is ticking.

    • Thomas

      You are correct @Stan! I for one cannot wait for the day when these criminals are brought to book for their hypocrisy and theft!

  6. Sandy

    so what,its non of your business. so u want the president to be bankcrapt!!!

    • Kushman

      Muli chipumbu sana ba Sandy. Bloody hypocrite!

  7. Chiyesu

    he is getting paid am sure thats y he is working for the pipo of zambia. if u dont have anything better to do in life write a book abt urself. pf for life

  8. Stacy

    Yaa kuti waseka he hs money en dats y he hs an acc.his entitled to dis man in peace.

  9. maddox

    Coward Zambians,…someone is revealing info that requires attention n u busy saying “leave him alone”. U either a nation full of lazy chaps who cant dig how yo taxed monies re utilized or jst backward thinkers. U all jst like them, greedy n selfish.

    • gripsy

      leave the president alone it looks like you have no better things to comment about Maddox you are a fool

  10. Ronalds

    So what’s wrong with being rich, Zambia Reports you are dogs for bringing us foolish news and Mwebantu you are pigs for sharing this, all of you fuck your unshaven balls, together with your families, you will remain poor.

  11. George Mwila

    nowander we dont develope, debating someone’s account.? Zambian media please grow en go look for your own accounts, en stop wasting time.

    • Zambiance

      very foolish, someones account, thats the President, thats why u will die in poverty

  12. Danny Mbuwamba

    Some of you people never cease to amaze me. An important document like that is release so that you can know whats going on and all you can say is mind you own business?. You need to seriously grow up! these are national resources we talking about. Someone is sitting on your heads and busy squandering wealth that belongs to you and your children and their children,you can even see it and all you can say is leave him alone? you must be so brain washed! Our economy is going from bad to worse everyday, you can even feel the impact. You are seriously sick in the head if you support him.

  13. P. Yamfwa

    Anybody complaining here about the release of bank account statements as a “violation of privacy” doesn’t seem to understand that Sata himself surrendered any right to privacy when he spread around HH’s bank accounts. Obviously, the president feels that this is above board, so deal with it. :p

  14. Hussein

    I am curious to know more about this Brenda Zulu character … does anyone know who she is and why she is paying the president so much money?

  15. Ignorant PF

    What’s interesting to me is not Brenda Zulu’s bribes to Sata. In fact, I bet there are many other accounts with staggering fortunes of millions in them for Sata. What’s interesting are all these tuition payments to a low quality online school. It looks like our president did not even have the chance to finish his degree before being elected!!! So we are ruled by ignorant illiterates, and that is how we will be treated…

  16. sue

    relax guys lets not get all hyped for no reason coz to be honest if tables were turned trust me your accounts would be looking exactly like that if not worse besides a bank account is private so if you are prepared to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, be prepared also to suck it up coz its life and u wont do nothing about it but just talk!

    • Bembabazzo

      Wat u talking about!!! Do YOU receive $30,000 a month from Brenda? I WISH I did!! Just another PF liar, same as all of them. You need to shut up defending corruption and do something positive!

  17. Time to Wake Up


  18. Mutale

    So PF has unleashed their paid and armed with iPhone, laptop and talk time cadres on to Zambia Reports. This shows Zambia Reports is getting audience and the word is spreading. Sata is stealing and his wife is stashing money in overseas bank accounts in USA, UK and South Africa. Mahtani is the launder for her and Mulenga.

  19. Fridswide Chapewa

    Work hard and earn yours busy looking pa ba nobe ba kapala mwe nshushi u will forever be the same.

  20. Dan Shamboshi

    I don’t believe this is sound judgement. Why does it profit me to know Sata’s Bank Account Details? What does one gain? He is not my presidential candidate but I think it is petty, stupid and out right insanity to dig into peoples private accounts. Govt wings exist to probe any citizen whose income is dubious; so let them do their work please.

  21. Royd Kaumba

    This is utterly nonsense ZP get hold of this alarmists with their cheap and useless propaganda against the head of state no sane Zambian will take yr concocted non issue based stories seriously.

    • mutanzi matongo

      Do you have proof that its not true?

  22. Geneva Alert

    So here’s a question: Is Credit Suisse thus involved in presidential corruption in Zambia through it’s “40% shareholding” in Finance Bank? Or will the European bank finally come out and tell the truth?

  23. Precious

    I seriously think this is way too boring.. how do u just sit there n start typing about how much the president has when the answer is rigHt there..just ask urselves how much money he makes per month/week/day.. he is the president. even for him to just stand n say anything,is money,4him to just sign anything,thus money so I don’t see anything wrong with his bank statements coz he gets paid more than any1… find something else to write pliz

  24. Cadre madness

    Look at all these paid PF cadres hitting the comment boards!!! LOL

  25. Mweeta


  26. Nkanyiso Mbatha

    our president “Jacob Zuma” is doing the same thing. We are very unhappy about the way these old people conduct themselves. We are supposed to respect them, but the question is how can you respect a criminal?

    • Mama Waluse

      Common sense ya vuta pa “Z”, this reminds me of some fellow who was found crawling in his own home at night. When asked what he was doing, he responded you tell me I cannot crewel in my own home. The next thing badaddy bama crawling at night, neighbours asked where does he go. The rest is yours to guess.
      Back to business, what is his JD, why are Zambians paying him or to put it in simple terms what is he offering them? Fellow Zambian, smell the coffee, if you love this country we need to stop this mediocrity once and for all. Even our children are beginning to ask serious questions, you can’t tell them ubufi, the more ‘layers you put’ the more you get entangled. Mind you there is Google they will find out. Let common sense prevail at least as a minimum standard, imagine there was no internet late alone social media? Well if you do not pay taxes, maybe the questions being raised do not mean anything to you.

  27. Mulenga Kafula

    This is too hot!!! Going viral now with more than 1,100 comments on Facebook. When is ZWD going to follow up with more details?

  28. eagle's eye

    I have never come across so many postings on Zambia. Reports. Is it because they have touched a raw nerve. most of the comments seem to come from people who don’t seem to understand that Sata did the same with H.H’s bank statements. n any case, why is Sata being paid by the likes of Brenda Zulu?

    • Thomas

      Yes, definitely appears that this corruption scandal is taking off! Now to find out more about where these funds came from and what they paid for…

  29. Dumisani

    Look at how many Bemba idiots are supportn ths theft! To thz Kolwez stealin is genetic! To them its natolelefye! Wait ths until ths old thief is caught! HH pliz dont spare him or hz like. Tongas lyk us easterners believe in hard work! Wil arrest them! Gud job by the way Zambia Report!

  30. Ernest Changwe

    There is nothing wrong with him having that money, he deservesit. Work hard and have your own money, you just hate the big man. Wishing you all the best His Excellence Mr. Micheal Chilufya Sata, come 2016 we are behind you!

    • mutanzi matongo

      Zambians. Are we that timid to allow politicians to rob us of the meagre resources, as well as tarnish our image as a highly corrupt country? No I don’t think we can keep quite unless there is proper explanation of how the Head of state earned the funds. Are we now suggesting that we should not ask questions like in a dictatorship? Or are we saying we should embrace corruption or stealing as the pathway to riches? Is this the Bemba saying of Kutola fye when stealing? Am not trying to invoke tribalism but trying to get the justification of certain people defending blindly. Remember that the moment Michael Sata ascended that puublic throne , he waived his rights for privacy. There is no fire without smoke, remember what happened to Ceacescu in Romania? People are dying at UTH for lack of modern medical facilities. Wake up Zambians, Politicians must earn the electorate trust not vice versa.

  31. Alex Tukombwe

    We know this is one way of hooking Zambians but you need to be fair and think twice do that money coming from Zamtrop account ? You should learn to understand that any one who is the leader and because of his Leadership people will always appreciate and this including the Clergymen and women. Let’s learn to appreciate where it is good as it is normal to comment on bad and good May GOD touch him and his family(please I’m not a politician)

  32. GM

    If you are lazy you’ll always look for ways to bring others down. Please don’t post issues raised from your own selfish interests, otherwise, you are a sole looser who needs deliverance from a bad spirit or rather demon that is seeing s lot of bad where there is good…

  33. Mama Waluse

    #Stop it! We want Michael Charlie Kays Mwango Chilufya Sata’s back NOW.

  34. Vicky S.

    What is wrong with these commenters? Are you all quite insane, or just simply useful idiots?

    We wonder why Zambia can’t develop when we have so many ignorant followers giving excuses for presidential corruption. Inexcusable and stupid.

  35. Rafael

    Those r all lies ,.Just bcoz sum1 z getting gud money out of his hard work ,nd u want to come make it seem like it was corruption. The problem z u dont want to accept the fact that he deserves that money ,that z y u r creating all these lies just to stain his image …..#tafyabombe

  36. Mama Waluse

    Mwe bantu what happened to this story -I never deposited the money into Michel Sata’s fake account – says CEO boss

  37. mtumba

    Ba president is mising olo che his gone kuichaila on us..sokoloka mudala ts nt funy anymore,people are upset!!!

  38. TM

    What is $175,000.00 in a presidents account? Get a life.

    • id!ot!

      Dora Siliya’s son had more than that in his account!…then how much did Dora chisusu herself have…pa Zed naivety!

    • It's a worry

      It is nothing if it is earned legitimately but a very good “balance” and evidence of corruption and money laundering if CASH deposits of $5,000 go in every other day. Besides, this is the very president who “loudly” barred the trading in USD for everyone else and yet he was happy to receive the same into his acc. At the very least, its shameful.

  39. Bemba Bimbo

    So what is Sata doing in Israel?

    Being treated for a VERY VERY bad allergy?

    I am waiting to hear from the ACC on what action they are going to take to cure Sata of this terrible disease he is suffering from.

  40. Zambiance

    Sata is very corrupt, hope he comes back alive so that he is answers for himself.

  41. goody

    he as done nothing aparrt from become a big thief

  42. goody

    wish him good luck
    n quick recory

  43. Rumbani Ndhlovu

    So the question is, do we as Zambians ignore possible theft by public office, possible money laundering, possible corruption, possible abuse of office or do we care enough about the development and integrity of our country to atleast request a thorough investigation of what those payments are for? One moment we’re complaining about price hikes and when possible evidence of mal-practice shows up, we ignore it. Either we’re okay with being duped and hope one day we can do the same to our country or we’re doing the same wherever we work. The president has done lots of great work in his tenure but possible crimes have to be investigated. He did the same to Rupiah even to the point of public humiliation so why shouldnt he atleast be investigated? I can assure you of this, our country isnt going anywhere until we pull our heads out of the sand and we start attacking corruption from the grass roots to the tree tops. Zambia could be greater than it is, if we wake up and make it so. If you bring someone into your house and they steal from you, you kick them out right? If your employee’s stealing from you, you fire them right? So why shouldnt we kick corrupt leaders out? We put them there in the first place, didnt we? Its our country and if we dont take responsibility for it we might as well sell the rest of it. The man should be investigated thoroughly by the right people and exposed if he indeed is corrupt.

  44. Binna

    Lol jus from reading the story about Sata’s bank account transactions n i swear some of the comments are backwards, people bringing up issues of privacy n respect n surprise surprise not even one question about why he is receiving funds from Road Contractors!!!! We truly have a long way to go

  45. Pay Attention

    These bank statements clearly show corruption by Michael Sata and the PF government that must be prosecuted before courts of law. Thieves will pay for their crimes.

  46. Foreign Infestors

    Remember when Sata called the Chiense “foreign investors”? Where is that man now!!

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