Where is Sata, and what is he doing? – Saunders

Sata's LipsPolitical activist Dante Saunders has said Michael Sata must come back home or tell the Zambians his whereabouts and what he is doiug.

Saunders said Michael Sata was not on an official state visit to Israel.

Saunders said Michael Sata must tell the people what was going on in his life because there was too much speculation about many matters surrounding him.

He said in Lusaka that there was too much speculation about about Sata’s current location and his true mission where ever he was.

Saunders said the speculation about Michael Sata was not good to national security because he was not an ordinary citizen who was traveling and staying where he was on his own funds.

“It has become abundantly clear that Sata was not invited to Israel. If there is a letter to that effect, we must get to the bottom of it. The best is for Sata to come back home if the so called state visit has failed instead of wasting our taxpayer’s money out there. If he doesn’t come home, he must tell us where he is and what he is doing there. We are going to forgive him if he owned up and told us the truth,” he said.

Saunders was commenting on the growing speculation regarding Michael Sata’s controversial trip to Israel where it was announced by the government spokesperson Mwansa Kapeya that the president was on an official state visit.

However, investigative journalists have unearthed details which showed that Michael Sata was not expected the meet the out-going president of Israel Shimon Perez since Perez was in the United States of America on his own state visit and a series of meetings with President Barack Obama.

Mwansa Kapeya’s press statement raised a lot of suspicions because it had both grammatical and factual errors such as the part where it stated Michael Sata was in the Israeli Capital Tel Aviv. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Kapeya has insisted that Sata was invited to Israel by Perez, but observers have questioned the possibility for Perez to invite another President for an official state visit and then decide to leave the country, which is considered to be a serious breach of diplomatic etiquette.

But Saunders has said Zambians did not believe the statements from the government owing to the cloud of secrecy that has surrounded Michael Sata’s failing health and his travels abroad.

“It has become difficult for anyone to believe that Michael Sata was invited officially for a state visit. It is absolutely unbelievable because Shimon Perez would not leave for another engagement elsewhere, unless he has no regard for our president,” he said.

Saunders said the Patrotic Front regime was playing to the gallery by abusing the peaceful nature of the Zambian people, adding that the Michael Sata’s government had run out of experiments with power.

He said Zambians would wait until time catches up with the spin doctors and all the skimmers because soon, these plotters would be exposed naturally.

“Time is the best resource we have. The people have remained alert and are following all the events and soon, all the people who are not handling this matter well by trying to hide what the people must know will be exposed,” he said.

There has been wrowing speculation that Michael Sata has travelled broad for medical attention following recent public appearances where it was seen that he was experiencing poor health.

He government maintains that Michael Sata was fit and discharging his duties diligently, but his trip to Israel is shrouded in controversy after the government said he went on a working holiday to Israel and delegated state power to PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba.

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