President Sata’s Bank Statements, Continued

michael-sata-bank-account-2Yesterday’s publication of bank statements belonging to President Michael Sata has caused a viral explosion on social media, generating more than 240,000 views and some 1,800 comments on Facebook, as well as tens of thousands of downloads of the document.

Today we continue with the next batch of statements covering the same account #0010106930015 of the Finance Bank account held in the name of President Michael Chilufya Sata. Whereas yesterday’s statement covered the period of time from January 2011 – December 2012, the document attached below covers all of 2013 and the first four months of 2014.

Over the course of 2013 and the beginning of 2014, the account went quiet, indicating that its purpose of existence was for the singular transfer of funds relating to one project, rather than a primary account used for spending. There were no outgoing payments or transfers from President Sata’s account, but the sole cash depositor, BRENDA MUSONDA ZULU, continued to occasionally deposit kickbacks. For example, between April 23 and April 29, 2013, Mrs. Zulu made four separate cash deposits of US$5,000 each, totaling US$20,000 (four separate trips to the bank in less than one week). The account would then remain quiet until January 15, 2014, when Mrs. Zulu deposited US$10,000 in President Sata’s account, and then on February 17, when she deposited an additional US$5,000 in cash. The total amount deposited into this account by Zulu reached US$249,600.

As stated in the previous article, investigations indicate that BRENDA MUSONDA ZULU may be linked to the road contractor China Jiangxi and its consultant, Zulu Burrow Ltd, which have been granted multimillion dollar contracts by the State House-controlled Roads Development Agency (RDA).

Around the same time that these funds poured into the president’s account, there were complaints regarding alleged acts of corruption concerning China Jiangxi published on some media.

In the next bank statements to be revealed here, we will see the extravagant spending and luxurious lifestyle of one of the President’s children who also received income from these same sources. Stay tuned for more.

Zambia: President Sata's Bank Account Statement 2013-2014


  1. mutete

    If that’s what’s going on behind the zambians backs then it aint fair

  2. Nathaneal

    Nomba Ninshi?

  3. MCS

    The total deposit from Mrs Zulu is USD 249,600 and not USD207,749.43. Don’t mislead the nation! The 207,749.43 is the balance on the account

    • Editor

      Thank you for the correction – it is noted.

  4. pompwe

    who is this Brenda Musonda..we need to know..she’s a thief ka

    • eagle's eye

      I suspect Brenda Musonda Zulu is somehow connected to Levy Zulu, Managing Director of Burrow-Binnie Zambia situated on Plot 4A, Lagos Rd in Rhodes Park. Mulenga Sata once worked for this company Zulu Burrow which also also has several contracts with Roads Development Agency which is literary operating from Sata’s bedroom at State House and headed by P.F Willie Nsanda. Almost all major roads construction works the consulting engineers are Zulu Burrow. The other company is Alsphalt Roads Zambia owned by Joseph Mwelwa formerly of Raublex Construction also a very close friend to Mulenga. These monies from Brenda Zulu are certainly kick-backs going to Sata for the contracts.

  5. Bemba Bimbo



  6. Bulbar

    What more evidence does the Anti Corruption Commission need?

    Time for them to earn their salaries.

  7. Mama Waluse

    The uncle is busy trying to borrow $1bn, while these are the monies he is supposed to be taxing if he was serious with his job. ZRA need to look at this case, they will even discover more transactions.
    I am sure there other accounts with more monies “dropping” into them.
    As for the impeachment proceedings as mentioned by Bemba Bimbo, our colleagues in the legal fraternity and Parliament should be looking at this critically. That is the only way to “sanitise” this country these immoral practices.

  8. BVrain

    After THREE salary increases and an illegal and UNCONSTITUTIONAL 1.4 billion payout to Kaseba this man still has to STEAL MORE??????

    This is obscene and total abuse of office.

  9. tonyo

    utter sata has alot of houses and buildings on thta he lets out to so many people.yo connection of this woman to the chinese contractor is sheer conjecture and not backed by any tangible proof.does it mean that if one is a president then he shouldnt have an account or the same account shouldnt have anyone depositing money there?ur really fishing in a dry pond ba fikala.mwanya.

    • KIM

      Stop this nonsense of playing the devils’ advocate. If these moneys’ are from rental income, shud have been going in long time before not just after becoming president. Nababwelamo ba Sata tho balwele. Teifi. This is not the 10 commandments he talked about. Sheer deception

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