Mwango Sata’s Bank Account Revealed, Part 1

mwango-sata-bank-accountEarlier this week Zambia Reports published statements of a bank account owned by President Michael Sata, where almost a quarter million dollars had been made in small cash deposits by an individual alleged to represent a Chinese contractor which had been awarded tenders by the Roads Development Agency (RDA).

Today we are releasing to the public the first batch of Finance Bank account statements belonging to the president’s son, Mwango Sata (download full document here).

Given the nature of the deposits in this account and relatively modest amounts, it is highly unlikely that this is the primary personal account of Mwango Sata.

Unlike Sata’s account, Mwango’s account #0015045305005 is held in Zambian Kwacha and was highly active on the outgoing withdrawals and spending. The account was opened on October 21, 2011, about a month after his father won the election with an initial deposit by an individual listed as “KATONGO KALONDE.”

Soon, however, Mwango Sata began to enjoy a stream of income from the same individual who had filled his father’s account. On April 24, 2012, Mwango Sata received a K25,000,000 cash deposit from Brenda Zulu, the same individual believed to be connected to China Jiangxi that paid the president nearly a quarter million dollars. On May 2, Mrs Zulu made another K25,000,000 to the president’s son, followed by another deposit of K5,000,0000 on July 6, and another K25,000,000 on August 1, and the same amount again on August 15. It turned out to be a very busy month – Brenda Zulu made another K10,000,000 on August 21, and another K25,000,000 cash deposit on August 27.

Brenda Zulu continued to make three separate cash deposits totaling an additional K30,000,000 in November 2012.

The account also shows Mwango spending on food, drink, and luxury products in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and London, including purchases at stores like Burberry and Lacoste. Mainly, however, Mwango Sata made regular large cash withdraws from the account.

According to company registration documents revealed by Zambia Reports last month, Mwango Sata, along with his mother and his brother in law, sit on the board of a company known as “Kasachi Logistics Limited” which has reportedly received numerous single-source contracts from RDA.

The accounts held at Finance Bank are believed to be overseen by the institution’s chairman, Rajan Mahtani, who was under investigation for money laundering by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) with assistance from the United States government in 2011 before the election of President Sata.

Stay tuned to this space for the publication of Mwango Sata’s 2013 account statements in the coming days.

Mwango Sata Bank Account, 2011-2012


  1. karma

    What goes around, comes around. The PF went after Rupiah’s sons with much less. The next government will have to investigate this as well.

  2. Bashi

    ububomba mwibala aliya mwibala.

    • mutanzi matongo

      You’re sick , you need medical attention.

  3. Lubuta

    These revelations will be serious issues after PF vacate office. They may seem nothing now but hey….remember whats happening to RBs children?

  4. Musole

    so interested in the first family’s bank accounts? dude grow up, or better still get adopted by mulenga sata,maybe you’ll understand they are all on constitutional salaries.

    • Frank B.

      @Musole No, absolutely not! There is nothing in the constitution that says the president’s son can take Chinese bribes! Idiot!!

  5. Aaron

    tongaz you will never rule this country ! Sata wamuyayaya !

    • Mike Jones

      walipena chikala iwe

    • mutanzi matongo

      We are not talking about ruling, but corruption which is the cause for bad roads and all other services provided by contractors who are bribed by these foreign nationals.

    • santos mutubile

      banoko Tbone ku can a deceased person be wamuyaya?ichimusula

    • KIM

      Not at this rate. These are statling revelations. Atase!!! Thot Ba Sata was in control kanshi worse than all past situations!! Chilubas’ children were satisfied with a few liter s of chibuku and some castles NOT tHIS!!!!

  6. Osie

    but aweh africana bwafya napo fiweme kuibipisha bane beka

  7. Langham

    If Zambia was truly civilized, such sort of abuse of power wouldn’t go without being investigated.. This is purely a recipe for corruption.. If any Zambian does not see anything wrong here, then colleagues, you will always remain dull and hypocrites waiting to be used by politicians. These things are the reasons the country can not develop… Certainly Chilufya Sata will have to explain himself in the future.. Time is patient and time waits until it catches up.. #WakeUpZambians.

  8. KapitaQ

    Finisto. Imminent fall of the arrogant mafia. Toll bells are about to ring.

  9. El Nino

    Barkat Ali and Rajan Mahtani are money launderer with BCCI culture and tradition continued at Finance Bank. Lock them up and throw the key.

  10. afua

    You people are just big fools.. and you expect the president’s son to wear Salaula. WHAT IS 100,000 KWACHA. stay were you are and continue to make 5 kwacha and be proud of yourselves.

    • mutanzi matongo

      Afua the proud idiot. Perhaps you think is being smart to be corrupt. You should be embarrsed about yourself to be saying such a thing if you’re a Zambian

    • mutanzi matongo

      @afua. Please provide your true identity so we can know you for future investigations. You must be on a payroll or iinvolved in stealing state funds.

    • KIM

      Get lost iwe

  11. Mike Jones

    This is why RDA is at state house

  12. Mikem

    @afua, 100,000 Kwacha is not a small money. Sata never made this kind of money in whole of his life. His Mayor son was selling dogs and Mwango was under-employed and used to be in similar situation except has access to illegal money.

  13. litole

    Results of the survey are out:

    1. 77% of the respondents stated that it is highly likely that Presidential by-elections will be held in 2014.
    2. 70% said that they will most likely vote for UPND, 19% for MMD, 8% for PF and 3% for other parties.
    3.70% said that they will most likely vote for HH while 17% said the same about Rupiah Banda, Wynter Kabimba was the lowest voted, under 3%, out of total 5 candidates voted by the respondents.
    4.When it came to the question of dissolution of parliament and MPs seeking fresh mandate, Votes for and against were tied at 39%. 22% of the respondents were not sure about the dissolution of parliament.

  14. PF Ancestor

    Brenda Zulu ! You are in for investigations come 2016 , its time to drink logo and leave the world . PF is going forever and you will battle it alone . Money laundering …

    • mutanzi matongo

      Who is this Brenda Zulu anyway. She must be the first one to be put behind bars.

  15. Jack

    The problem is this, we constantly fight that we have no control over as Zambians and constantly pick at the irrelevant issues at play. Has any of you say down to ask what a sitting preaidents son gets as an allowance? Look George Bush senior and junior pushed for a war in Iraq so they could make money, billions intact. They come here and leak petty amounts tha May or may not have been plunder and you take the bate. Be independent and one as a people. Even in a pride of lions hirachy has precedence though does not dive leeway to individuals to plunder resources. We are human and we make mistakes. But for once think better bd harder than the dog you keep in your yard and try to look beyond the “truth” you are being fed. Ask for the reason and the notice behind it. Why don’t we get account details of individuals that plunder way bigger amounts of money through tax evasion, through criminal activities unrelated to politics? There is always two sides to a story so don’t be the fool that got played and sided with the sidethat said what your naive mind wanted to hear. History has always shown us being swayed by emotion sentiment always brought down civilizations. Use your interlect. Don’t be a stooge that was used for politicallage.

  16. Jack

    Never forget, media houses pick news that will play in their interest. They make money from you adding to the number of hits they get or sells they make. Be objective

  17. litole

    Since Mulenga Sata has travelled to Israel, the following survey might be relevant

  18. JJ

    Time to unite and pray for our president than squabbling over petty issues.

  19. P for Peter

    Rajan shall remove all staff from Finance House branch lest they give more information to opposition media and DEC officials who are waiting for change of government. Never say again, you were not warned. Keep tickets for South Africa, Dubai, Amsterdam, Nairobi and Addis Ababa in your pockets to flee Zambia at short notice. Brown envelopes do not buy friends, they provide temporary exits. All those Indians, Sri Lankans, Pakistanis and British are there to milk you and run at first sight of a change.

  20. josky kiambukuta

    banoko Tbone ku can a deceased person be wamuyaya?ichimusula

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