Opinion: Sata’s Ailment is Not a Joke

Sata's LipsIt has all been too easy for the handlers and supporters of President Michael Sata to lay the blame on his failing health or perception of it on the online media. It has been all an easy excuse for the people that have been tasked and paid huge sums of taxpayers’ money to manage the Presidency to just recede into silent mode after telling a lie too many.

But the dizzying levels that the chaos and speculation of the whereabouts and even health status of President Michael Sata has reached means the joke is over. It has been all too well for a Vice President, occupying the second highest office in the land to make humour out of a very serious situation.

Have we not heard all the jokes by now? Have we not heard about health tourism, I don’t know if he is sick because he is not my wife or that the speculation on President Sata is from a minority tribe to the more extreme rant about mfwitis (witches) writing about the health of the president?

Yes it has been a sick joke but someone has to provide the answers now. Yes Dr Guy Scott you have run your thread of excuses but this is no joke at all because the people have a right to know the truth about their President. They pay his bills, and some of them, at least enough of them cared enough about him to vote for him and put him into the highest office in the land.

It seems everyone has abandoned their posts and is ducking responsibility. Is it not ironic that after hyping up facebook updates coming almost by the hour daily basis on the President’s facebook page there has been no update from June, 6?

Yes it is all too well to wish away your fears of the possibility of breaking bad news but you cannot afford to keep the President away for so long. Sooner or later someone will have to sing and by then things could be out of control. Guess what? It could have all been avoided from day one when the President left for Israel in whatever state by simply publicly announcing that he would be away.

No one would have had to scramble for information from the intelligence sources and Israeli press to force the government to confess the President was on a medical tourism outing in Israel. And now people have to lie about flights sneaking in the President under the dead of night with sentries at guards at State House amidst the confusion abandoning the post at the gate and coming back at the whims of the mandarins in government.

Has not someone just further stoked the fires by writing a lengthy editorial about funerals? It could all be just a joke but there is nothing funny about lying to the citizenry about the Presidency and sooner or later someone will have to sing.

And someone will have to take responsibility. For now you can all just enjoy the joke! After all, the President is well and probably jogging somewhere on the streets of Tel Aviv.

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