Filthy Chingola Police Cells Posing a Huge Health Risk

Chingola Police Post1The Chingola Police Post Cell initially built to house 20 inmates but now accommodates double the number is in deplorable state and posing a health risk to both police officers and offenders, a Zambia Reports sources has disclosed.

A recent visit to the holding cell reveals the conditions in which inmates are held are beyond imaginable and a danger to the health of the general populace.

The toilet in the cell is clogged and over-filling with the waste overfilling onto the floor where the 47 inmates have to find space to spend a night as they await their cases to be processed some of which are on flimsy grounds.

“I was detained in the Chingola Central police 2 days ago. I spent a nyt there and sourced pictures. The toilets are not usable as they are blocked with feaces!

“And the detained people pee on the floors where they sleep. The female cells is flooded though the water supply is not good for people. Worst of all women and some men and juveniles shared a cell.

“And I tell you male police officers insulted and beat women as well as men with their own hands. My concern is the health of the detained,” the source said

The former guest of Chingola Police Post, whose identity is withheld for security reasons, offenders must be respected and treated like human beings.

The source said an officer confided that the holding cell is only cleaned when they are told an inspection team by the environmental health is scheduled and this is a rare occurrence.

Sometimes when the human rights group, according to the source, announces their trip the holding cell gets some semblance of attention but it is fears the situation will spiral into untold misery for Chingola and the country at large as it leads to infections like diarrhea and other communicable diseases which will be a huge cost on the country’s health sector.

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