Visiting Nigerian Pastor Claims Cabinet Minister Wants Sata Dead

Woodlands StadiumA Nigerian preacher Apostle Suleiman Johnson last evening claimed a Cabinet minister was plotting the death of President Michael Sata.

President Sata is currently on his sickbed and has not been seen in public for 27 days – a full working month.

Johnson who drew massive crowds to Woodlands Stadium in Lusaka where he is hosting a gospel crusade said President Sata was unwell health wise.

He claimed that some people in President Sata’s Cabinet were plotting for the Presidency so one of them went to India to get charms to kill the Head of State.

Johnson further claimed that God isn’t finished with Sata and has healed him and the person who went to India from Cabinet will die.

The preacher said the person’s death will be the sign whether the Preacher heard from God or not.

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