Police Drop Koffi Olomide Assault Charge on Journalist

Police Charity-Chanda.The Zambia Police has grown cold feet on their highly publicized investigation of Congolese Rhumba maestro Koffi Olomide after assaulting freelance photojournalist Jean Mandela.

Last year during a series of shows in Lusaka, Olomide stole the headlines off stage when he kicked Mandela in the backstage as the photojournalist took pictures of him.

Mandela reported the matter to police and an arrest warrant had been issued amidst so much hullabaloo by the police.

However, with the Rhumba king due in Lusaka this weekend police have swallowed on their words and announced that the investigations are off.

“The investigations have been closed because of lack of collaboration between the police and the complainant,” said Chanda who last year was all jolly as she announced that a docket had been opened against the Rhumba king. hullabaloo

“Our findings are that we will not pursue the case any further.”

Mandela, a freelance photojournalist of Rwandan origin has vowed to pursue the matter further.

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