Letter: Police Search for Solwezi Prostitute ‘Unprofessional’

solweziA Zambia Reports reader sends in a complaint about the Zambia Police and their patrols in search of prostitutes in the mining town of Solwezi, North Western Province.


As captioned above;

It is very surprising that in this age almost 50years of independence an officer can send his juniors to go and harass innocent people in the middle of the night (23:30hrs) in lodges, guest houses and motels in Solwezi in the name of trying to cub prostitution, I am on vacation and I decided to visit Solwezi but I was shocked to be awaken on 24th July 2014 by high ranked police officers in my room (mitec area) at a named lodge to be told they were looking for prostitutes, this irritated me at the high levels of unprofessionalism still being experienced in my own country.

Questions that arose and am still asking myself are;
Does it mean every woman they find in a lodge or guest house is a prostitute?

If they found a man in bed with his wife, because they are at a guest house or lodge they will take away his wife as a prostitute?

Should we stop our children and wives when they go out of town, in sleeping in lodges and guest houses, and tell them to sleep in the cold because someone who does not know his job will harass them in the middle of the night and give them a name of a prostitute?

I believe for someone to reach to the position of a commissioner one must be educated, but what is so shocking is that this officer who is supposed to enforce law and not the other way, does not know that in Zambia there is no employment and he cannot stop people from earning the little they earn.

Lastly, this officer is forgetting that he is destroying the businesses of those owning these places, who pay tax for him to enjoy the privilege’s he enjoys.

Yours faithfully.


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