ZANIS Mutes Sata’s Voice is Latest Swearing-In Package

10471398_1459026917681897_5543293582390445412_oThe State House communication wing may have fast congratulated itself on having released exclusive images of President Michael Sata swearing Attorney General Musa Mwenye and Solicitor General Abraham Mwansa early in the day but a later version that was also exclusively covered by ZANIS raised questions for its masking the vocals of the Head of State.

ZANIS reporter Twaambo Siavwapa did his best to give a minutely account of every aspect of the President’s performance but seemed strictly prohibited from letting the President be heard speaking for himself.

Of curious note was this line that was just run over when ordinary as has been traditional the President could have spoken for himself, “The president congratulated the two and encouraged them to work in the interest of the Zambians.”

But then again it could be costly for a humble ZANIS reporter to risk the privilege of being the chosen media covering the Head of State after months of ducking not only the press but the public. Never mind how many ‘truths’ have been told in the last month so maybe we just can’t tell lies from the truth anymore when it comes to State House communication.

Of course the ‘reporter’ remembered everyone who attended the swearing in ceremony. How very thoughtful!

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