Mahtani and Zamtel Helped Cartel Scoop Mangango – Source

The recent victory by Rodgers Lingweshi for the parliamentary seat in Mangango came at a significant cost, as the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party vastly outspent the United Party for National Development (UPND), a source close to the PF tells Zambia Reports, including free giveaways such as free phone lines.

According to highly classified intelligence obtained by the source, the controversial Finance Bank Chairman Rajan Mahtani was allegedly one of the main donors to the Mangango campaign, providing some K500 million unrebased as compared to the K80 million unrebased spent by the UPND.

The source alleges that the parastatal telecommunications company Zamtel helped the ruling party buy votes by providing 1,000 households with fully connected phone lines, while Matero MP Miles Sampa provided numerous vehicles for the campaign. The Patriotic Front also quietly lifted a hunting ban and killed scores of wild animals to provide Mangango residents with game meat, while a well known Chinese road contractor provided 10,000 chitenge materials bearing the Patriotic Front’s logos, the source says.

The source says that this election was “win at all costs” for “Team A,” the cartel led by Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba, to prove to other PF members that they can win the presidency.

“If you do the math, without this spending by Mahtani, Sampa, and Zamtel, PF would have lost Mangango as the margin was less than 1,000 votes. The next round is for Team B to win now,” the source said, referring to the Alexander Chikwanda-Edgar Lungu faction in the PF for several of the upcoming Sept 11 parliamentary by-elections in Solwezi Central, Kasenengwa, Vubwi, Zambezi West and Mkushi South.

“The dilemma is that Team B doesn’t have the full support of the Mahtani, Guy Scott, or Kabimba for their campaigns. The campaign manager Jean Kapata is already complaining that Mahtani isn’t spending on Solwezi Central, and that this is the same way that PF lost Mkaika,” the source said.

After winning the Mangango election, the new MP Lingweshi has become another member supporting the cartel. According to the source, Kabimba has expanded his efforts to pay off supporters in the party, bringing in Miles Sampa, Greyford Monde, and Obvious Mwaliteta, who was responsible for the Mangango campaign.

The lavish spending and vote buying with free giveaways might not work in urban constituencies such as Solwezi, Vubwi, and Kasenengwa, the source says. Meanwhile, intelligence sources indicate that Kabimba’s camp is allegedly preparing efforts to “massively rig” elections in Zambezi West.


  1. Koswe HH

    stupid idiot you should be ashamed for publishing such lies. and how do you explain the winning of 18 out of 25 local government seats in the recently held elections? That the PF rigged! Chikala just tell the underfive opposition to put their house in order because as things are they are very unpopular. And you mean Sata was endorsing the so-called cartel when he tossed Lugweshi”s victory in Mangongo. And childishly some PF ministers like Chikwanda, Kambwili and that renegade in Kasama instead of celebrating their party’s popularity they are more focused on formenting confusion in the party by childishly playing to the gallery over a non-issue. They have forgotten the fact that the people they should be fighting is yourselves, Watchdog, HH and Rupiah Banda. What a shame that people would be more determined to destroy their own party just for positions

  2. Donking

    @Koswe HH, Just replace letters HH with your name. What is K500,000,000 (unrebased) for Mahtani? He makes every day more than that from the money PF government has parked at his bank. He gave K12,000,000,000 (unrebased) to Sata in 2011 elections, and got Finance Bank bank in gratifiction. Team B has to win to stop all plunderers and spoilers from winning next elections.

    • Hakaivotela Humwine

      And it simply means you idiots have no desire to fight corruption as Sata espouses. You mean there is no merit in the issues being raised about Chikwanda? A minister is saying money should be refunded to mines whose refund would be more than what they contribute in royalty and corporate tax. And you mean you dont see anything wrong in a finance minister having a stake in the company which supplies the mines, and also that the same minister once passed a statutory instrument which allowed the export of copper in raw form. Thank God President Sata who is allergic to corruption reversed that. And today some idiots are supporting these people for power. Anyway only basic knowledge is needed to connect this site (run by jere) to Rupiah Banda because he is friends with Chikwanda and also because he glories in corruption. Rupiah would actually celebrate having Chikwanda in power. By saying all this am not saying I support the so-called cartel, my argument is lets focus on the issues being raised on Chikwanda’s conduct and not because the criticism is being carried in The Post newspaper. Can we for once be reasonable by writing about petty politics, insatiable appetite for power and petty hatred. Long live PF

  3. id!ot!

    This article is just a waste of space! Both parties were spending kaili!

    • Thomas

      @id!ot! – Well yes of course both parties spend money. It was a political campaign after all. But only one party could count on the support of both the parastatal telecom company as well as the support of Zambia’s most corrupt criminal gangster Rajan Mahtani.

  4. Sido Mark

    The truth PF felt the heat. The difference was less 1000votes.This seat belonged to MMD who only got less than 200votes.The point is UPND performed well under the prevailing atmosphere of PF police brutarity and Vote buying.Come 2016 they will not manage to be everywere and Sata will be very fear from them .He will not be in a position to help them.The PF will be weak after a strong battle for presidency.

  5. Bob

    There are times when I really think Zambia does not need Mahtani. This man is a criminal and must one day be seriously caged for his many cases. He cannot ever buy his freedom, one day he will go in leaving his ill gotten wealth behind. Only time will tell.

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