President’s Nephew Nabs Major Road Contract

This Range Rover was purchased by Nobel Sata’s colleague, James Kamanga, allegedly paid for with proceeds from a crime.

An in-depth investigation by Zambia Reports has revealed that the Roads Development Agency (RDA) under control of State House has single-sourced a contract worth hundreds of million of kwacha to Noble Sata, the nephew of President Michael Sata, allegedly representing a corrupt abuse of resources to benefit a family member.

The president’s nephew has used these suspected proceeds from a crime to purchase a number of luxury vehicles for himself and others, as well as to pay for the construction of a large housing complex in Mpongwe.

Noble Sata has been known to maintain a very close relationship with his uncle, who helped raise him as though he were a son.

As shown in the attached official company registration documentation, Noble Sata is listed as a company director for Zambian Goldensun Construction International Limited, along with other directors named Ye Guanru, a South African national, Ye Jianmin, a Chinese national, and Juliana Ngalande, a Zambian citizen.

Vehicles purchased for girlfriends of James Kamanga with proceeds from allegedly corrupt RDA contract

According to the investigation, the RDA awarded a single-sourced contract to Zambian Goldensun Construction International Limited to build all the feeder roads in Copperbelt Province.

Meanwhile, information further reveals that Noble is also involved in the company that won the tender to tar the Ndola-Kitwe dual carriage way. Sources say Noble, together with a colleague James Kamanga of Yespanda Fire Services, dubiously got the tender for Ndola-Kitwe dual carriage way from RDA, and then sold the contract to the Chinese to actually build the road.

“Those Chinese doing the road are third parties. The tender was also engineered by Noble and his friend James Kamanga the owner of Yespanda Fire Services. After they sold the tender, Noble is constructing a housing complex while James has bought several vehicles even for girlfriends,” the source said.

Noble is the one who volunteered to donate a kidney to President Michael Sata when he was evacuated to Israel.

In July 2013, Zambian Watchdog similarly reported that Noble Sata’s company had also been awarded a contract to construct buildings at Palabana University just three months after the Zambian Goldensun company was formed.

An image from outside the gates of the Mpongwe housing complex being built by Nobel Sata allegedly funded by proceeds of a crime.
An image from outside the gates of the Mpongwe housing complex being built by Nobel Sata allegedly funded by proceeds of a crime.
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