“I Am Not Your Friend,” Sata Tells Kabimba

Wynter-Kabimba-SataA very well placed source inside State House tells Zambia Reports that late last night fired Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba was finally able to speak with President Michael Sata on the phone.

After his surprise dismissal by the President yesterday, Kabimba tried by all means to contact the president and find out what had gone wrong, but was not successful in getting through to speak directly with him for many hours, the source says.

At approximately 1900 hours Lusaka time, Kabimba telephoned the president’s son, Mwango Sata, and pleaded to be connected to his father. The source says that Mwango responded to him, “I am not allowed to do such a thing sir, I am very sorry, I wish I could help.”

Eventually Kabimba was successful in telephoning one of the president’s bodyguard’s mobile phone, which was then allegedly passed to the head of state, the source says.

“Your Excellency, where did I go wrong, what did I do? I have received this news with great shock, what did I do sir?” Kabimba was overheard asking on phone, the source says.

The source says that President Sata responded to Kabimba, “You know the answers to all your questions. You think I am foolish, I have been watching you from time back, I have seen what kind of an element you are, you and your friends, I shall fix all of you one by one. I know you wanted me dead while you acted illegally as president so you could take over but God didn’t allow you. This is just the beginning, you illegally pushed yourself to act as president which is an offense, don’t be surprised with what will follow you next. Tell George to keep informing you that am dying and leaking info to you, time is catching up. Never call me again; I am not your friend or on your level for you to call me at late hours. I want to unite my party and my country.”

The president then said goodnight and hung up the phone, the source says.

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