Changala Vindicated by Revelations of Sata’s Health

Civil Rights Activist Brebner Changala says he feels vindicated for calling for Cabinet to set up a medical board to ascertain whether President Sata is mentally and physically fit to govern.

Commenting on Today’s Editorial Comment in the Post Newspapers, Mr. Changala said the Post that was until last week very close to the Presidency is implying that President Michael Sata is not healthy.

Changala said “Something is very serious regarding the personal well being of Mr. Sata that the Post Newspapers knows. The Post Editor wants to say something to the people of Zambia, but they are gagging themselves. They are scared of something bigger than them. Post Newspapers is now speaking in parables if not in tongues. They have a message about Mr. Sata’s state of health that they want to communicate to the people of Zambia but they are failing in one way or the other.”

Mr. Changala said the problem is Sata subletting power to unfriendly clique of PF Bembas. “When Wynter had these same powers subleased to him, all was well. The Post is at least very clear, things are not okay at State House in Lusaka. It is very clear from the Post, Mr. Sata is no longer in charge of state functions due to poor health. The Post calls it challenges, weaknesses and lapses in Mr. Sata,” he said.

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