ACC Plans to Re-Open Kabimba Trafigura Corruption

zambia-reports-wynter-kabimbaFallen former Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba may have been handed a bit of love by toothless the Anti Corruption Commission who have announced that they will not re-open the case where he is accused of corruption in the US$500 million Trafigura oil deal.

Ironically at the height of his powers Kabimba had bussed cadres to the ACC officers, who are now celebrating his fall from grace and calling for his head.

Kabimba, buoyed by his then loving PF cadres, had pulled an intimidatory stance demanding to be interviewed in the presence of cadres.

Since his dismissal the cadres have celebrated his demise with unrestrained joy that has seen them take to the streets carrying a mock coffin marking his downfall.

ACC Public Relations officer Timothy Moono said that the Kabimba probe will remain permanently closed.

Moono said that the drive in the probe was not motivated by malice.

The ACC is notorious for being set on any official who falls out of favour with state.

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