Mulenga Sata Allegedly Slaps Chellah on State House Premises

michael-sata-george-chellah-mkushi-campaignThere was a dramatic scene at State House on Wednesday monring when Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata slapped his father’s spokesperson George Chellah for unspecified reasons while warning him to watch his back.

The incident happened when Mulenga visited his father at Nkwazi House around 08:00 hours. The PF Lusaka district chairman, who is also mayor for the capital city, was seemingly infuriated and in foul mood after visiting his not too well father.

After an hour and half visit to the presidential house, Mulenga drove to State House offices and stormed Chellah’s office. However, Chellah was not in his office as a visibly upset Mulenga entered.

He then left the offices and jumped back in a black unregistered V8 Land Crusier while he drove off towards President Lane gate when he noticed Chellah jumping off a BMW X5.

Mulenga then stopped and exclaimed “George! George!” before Chellah looked back and responded; “Good morning sir!”

In the heat of the moment, Mulenga drew closer to Chellah and grabbed him by his tie before planting a slap in his face in full view of state house staff.

“Everyone looked and watched helplessly. We heard Mulenga warning George saying he will soon deal with him correctly, and promised him that he will soon join his boss Kabimba at the farm,” a State House source disclosed.

Mulenga, according to the source, said; “I know all of what you have done. You are part of the reasons my father is like that now, instead of helping him you stress him and pretend to be loyal to him, look at you, you must thank my father that you can even drive a BMW x5 now, useless post newspaper reporter, you will go back to your gay boss friend M’membe and sleep with him like you used to very soon.”

Chellah has been at the centre of the rift that engulfed the Patriotic Front in which disgraced former justice minister was positioning to take over from President Sata.

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